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Permanent and Contract Senior Planner Jobs

The role of a Senior Planner consists of completely managing the life cycle of a product. This includes knowing how to and acquiring the product, being involved in the distribution process, allocating them and controlling how they are delivered. They will also coordinate and organise the supply chain. A senior position as the name suggests, they will lead a team – no matter what field the position is in. Developing and researching a system, they are also referred to as a logistician.

What skills do you need to become a Senior Planner?

- Excellent communication skills so that you can talk with suppliers, customers and your fellow colleagues

- Strong organisational skills so that you are able to keep detailed records of each project and manage a few projects at once

- The ability to work within a fast-paced environment

- The ability to work with logistical plans and develop them

- The ability to know how to improve efficiency and reduce costs

- Strong problem-solving skills

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