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Permanent and Contract Procurement Manager Jobs

Procurement managers are concerned with the financial and logistical practices of the companies they work for. They are there to ensure that agreed-upon purchasing strategies are adhered to.

The Skills You Need

There are several essential skills that anyone looking to work as a procurement manager must have. For one thing, candidates must be able to create long-range business plans that can predict what’s going to happen in the global market and take appropriate actions based on that knowledge.

Procurement managers must also be skilled in category management. They must be able to work out spending perimeters on a specific category of goods and/or services while paying attention not only to cost but also possible risks, quality and level of service.

Being a good project manager who can take a project from idea to fruition is also necessary. So is being able to manage the relationships between clients, suppliers, shareholders and other members of staff. Keen negotiation skills and an ability to crunch numbers is also vital.

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