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Is Britain Leading the Charge with Plastic Recycling?

Posted by: Rebecca Green
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With a heavier focus on environmental damage, conscientious businesses are switching to more eco-friendly options. Britain seems to be leading the charge here with its engineering prowess and inventing skill and we are absolutely amazed by the revolutionary concepts involved in plastic recycling. But there are other companies outside of the UK doing their part to improve plastic recycling as well

Plastic Recycling In Britain


Plastic Roads

If we completed a poll of drivers around Britain and asked them what their greatest annoyance driving was, they’d probably say potholes. We couldn’t blame them because potholes are a serious nuisance. They can kill a car if they are large enough or at the very least lead to extensive damage. A significant pothole in the road could even lead to an accident. In fact, the situation is so dire that one in six roads in Britain will need to be closed if the issue is not sorted out.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered that there is an answer and would you believe it involves recycling? Innovators in Britain have conceived the idea of mixing recycled plastic into materials to cover roads. This plastic will be cheaper to repair and maintain, ensuring that the new roads in Britain provide a drive that are safe and free from crumbling tarmac. It’s just one of the amazing ways that Britain is leading the charge in plastic recycling.

Pizza Boxes

On the other hand, UK Businesses like the Co-Op are avoiding plastic recycling completely and instead, switching back to cardboard. After discovering that two thirds of plastic from packaging ends up in landfills, Co-op committed to removing it from their pizza boxes. While helpful, this does not boost the level of plastic recycling in the UK.

International Plastic Recycling

Taking Plastic Out Of The Ocean

Every year thousands of plastic bags end up in the ocean. This can be dangerous and deadly for sea life, and it’s polluting our once, beautifully clean oceans. But, a Dutch company, Unilever is ready to change that. We found a report revealing that the producer behind Dove and Marmite is ready to change the game. Rather than dumping plastic sachets used in their products, they now have established technology that will allow them to recycle them, using them again and again for new products in a circular model. This is going to greatly reduce the level of plastic that ends up floating in the ocean or crowding the sea floors. It’s about time too because by 2050 there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish!

They’re not the only ones either. American company Johnson and Johnson have decided to stop selling plastic cotton buds and instead switch to paper buds. This material is far more biodegradable and will not pollute the beaches or the waters.

As such, it seems that Britain is only one of the places in the world, helping to lead the charge with innovative plastic recycling ideas. Companies in America and Holland are also putting their best feet forward and leading the way to a world of tomorrow free from plastic pollution which also has the capacity to create new employment opportunities both in the Civil Engineering and also Construction sectors. For more information click here.

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