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Why Sales People are Choosing Recruitment Careers

Posted by: Nicola Batty
Industry News

There are many myths out there about how recruitment agencies work. Many people are surprised to realise that they actually didn’t know much about the recruitment industry at all when they get a look in for themselves.

It’s actually an £30 billion industry which brings huge benefits to the UK economy. Good recruitment also adds great value to candidates and clients alike. Recruitment is an extremely varied and interesting line of work, with huge scope for development - providing you work hard! It’s a fast paced, energetic environment which offers a meteoritic career which is very lucrative to those who excel along with being highly rewarding.

Because of this, sales people are turning to recruitment careers to develop and grow. More sales people now than ever are looking to try recruitment careers for themselves!

The Role of a Recruitment Consultant

When you become a recruitment consultant, that isn’t your only role. It’s a title that actually constitutes much more. Recruitment consultants are networkers, business consultants, marketers and more. Not just throughout the months, but over the course of one day. This is an extremely varied career that allows a person to use and develop a number of skills.

Recruiters help to bring employers and jobseekers together to form the most effective pairings. Industry knowledge and expertise is required to land a recruitment role, as well as strong interpersonal skills. That’s why sales people are becoming some of the most suitable candidates for these jobs.

Why Sales People are a Good Match

A role in recruitment is perfect for those who have ambition, drive and a fearless attitude. Much like the skills that salespeople need to survive and thrive in a sales position. It allows for faster progress up the career ladder most of the time, which is why many awesome sales people are turning to recruitment to advance their careers.

Hard workers can progress quickly in this industry, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. Within 2-3 years of starting out you could manage your own team. If you consider yourself a hardworking leader who can stay focused in spite of pressure and distractions, recruitment could be your calling.

Recruitment: Not an Easy Ride

Many who have changed careers say that sales is not as rewarding as recruitment and the benefits and incentives of recruitment are much better. This is why salespeople everywhere are looking to change their position.

The truth is, most people won’t understand what a career in recruitment is really like until they try it for themselves. Don’t be misled here; recruitment jobs aren’t for everyone. They can be suited to sales people who enjoy a fun yet competitive environment, as well as those who enjoy a strong team spirit and lots going on at once. You must be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment, work well on your own and as part of a team, use your initiative, and so much more. A career in this industry is not for people who want an easy ride, so if that’s what you're looking for, look elsewhere!

If you consider yourself to be a salesperson who has the drive, ambition, and fearlessness to succeed, then you should consider an exciting, varied role in recruitment.

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