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What Does the Future Hold for UK Energy Jobs?

Posted by: Daz Singh
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The UK is known for being a part of Europe that is at the forefront of technology, especially in the energy sector. While some people opt for specialist energy jobs abroad, there is a surge in opportunities on home soil thanks to some new energy infrastructure projects.

What that means for people looking for work in the energy sector is that those projects will potentially create thousands of new roles to professionals from various disciplines. One of the government’s goals is to meet its Climate Change commitments, and so the renewable energy sector can also expect to see sustained growth - and job opportunities.

So, what’s afoot for the UK’s energy sector, and how will it boost the jobs market?

Project Nemo Link

One of the most exciting energy projects to date in the British energy sector is Nemo Link. In a nutshell, the aim is to build an electrical interconnector between the UK and Belgium. Aiming to be in commercial operation by 2018, Nemo Link will consist of subsea and underground cables linking the two nations together.

The result of Nemo Link is to provide both the UK and Belgium with more reliable and sustainable electricity supplies while driving down the cost of wholesale power prices.

Approved by Ofgem back in 2013, Nemo Link is an example of an energy sector infrastructure project that has already generated a plethora of new jobs in the niche. Plus, it’s likely to do so for the foreseeable future.

Hinkley Point C Project

The first new nuclear reactor to be built in the UK will be at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Prime Minister Theresa May approved the project several months ago, and work has already begun on the ambitious £18-billion installation.

Back in March, a network of concrete tunnels was constructed to help carry cables and pipes around the five-mile site. This new 3.2-gigawatt nuclear power reactor is expected to generate around 7% of the UK’s energy needs and will be taking over the Point B power station when it gets decommissioned in 2023.

Renewable energy projects

Of course, Britain doesn’t just consume power from coal, gas, and nuclear sources. There has been phenomenal growth in the renewable energy sector, with at least five major projects already in construction across England and Scotland: two wind, one tidal, one biomass, and one solar.

With consumers demanding more power and from renewable sources, it’s likely the demand for greener power will continue to boost the renewable energy sector, resulting in thousands of new roles getting created within the next five to ten years.

Types of jobs opportunities in the UK energy sector

Given that Britain is a leader when it comes to energy generation, it’s no surprise that there will be continued growth in the jobs market. For instance, the types of roles getting filled with Project Nemo Link include:

• TP144 Site Managers;
• Project Managers;
• Commissioning Engineers (including TP141 accredited);
Quantity Surveyors;

And at Hinkley Point C, you can expect to find job openings including:

• Section and Setting Out Engineers;
Site and Sub Agents;
• Foremen;
• Geotechnical Engineers;
• Planners;
• Quantity Surveyors;
• Construction Managers.

For more information on energy and power job opportunities, please feel free to contact Daz Singh or Amy Pinnock who work within our Power Team and will be happy to assist you.

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