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Top 5 highly paid jobs in Civil, Construction & Rail you dont need a degree for:

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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With university fees at an all time high and it seemingly being a lifetime ago since they were free, you might be looking into the alternatives to piles of crushing debt… Luckily there are numerous options available to those who choose to forgo the traditional educational route.

You don’t always need a degree to be earning big bucks, and here we list some of the highest paying jobs you can get without a degree, as seen on some of the Navartis job boards;

Project Manager – circa £65,000

It is not a necessary requirement to have a degree to become a Project Manager. However, it is recommended to have some qualifications specific to the industry – these are usually in the form of a PMP or Prince2 qualifications.

As a Project Manager, you will manage every aspect of the project from start to finish, working to a series of pre-determined goals and objectives – at Navartis we specialise in Project Management roles covering engineering and planning and more within Civil, Construction, Rail and Power.

Civil Engineer – circa £30,000

To start a career as a civil engineer, a degree, BTEC or HND in civil engineering is necessary; however requirements vary from employer to role.

If you don’t have a degree, don’t worry; there are still many routes open to you as long as you have the passion and enthusiasm for a construction career, depending on your skills there are several stages of training, firstly completing a period of initial professional development – with many employers now looking at recruiting early and developing training internally.

Quantity Surveyor – circa £46,000

There are no specific requirements to begin training as quantity surveyor, although most entrants have A Level or higher.

To become a qualified quantity surveyor, you will need to get a BTEC or HND/HNC which as an alternative to university can be done through the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) or the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Site Manager – circa £42,500

Although usually at this level, you will need to have a degree, diploma or HND/HNC, particularly in building and construction, or civil/structural engineering – there are other options which you can look at;

Employers are usually happy to offer people hoping to enter the industry on-site experience and training development. Entering the industry as a trainee technician is a good place to start - you can then progress on to more supervisory roles with experience.

For more information on careers such as those listed above, why not speak to our expert recruitment team on 01302 556 674

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