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Things to consider moving abroad for work?

Posted by: Nicola Batty
Industry News

Many employers operating across project management and technical led roles often have the opportunity to post overseas working – something we see here at Navartis frequently throughout civil and construction, rail, as well as Power and HSE.

With clients in Europe, spanning France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as those opportunities further afield such as Emirates - we focus on placements that fit within our niche recruitment expertise, with a specialist international team who facilitate not only the relationship between employer and candidate, but also coordinating the logistics and necessities be it flights and accommodating or work permits.

Each international transfer (also known as expats), can have its own advantages and disadvantages, and different still for each individual. Once you’ve decided whether an overseas transfer is right for you, then it’s time to start thinking about practicalities;

Here are our top insights for consideration;

  1. Visa’s

British citizens don’t need a visa to move to a country in the European Union but getting the right paperwork can be difficult if you’re going further afield, for instance to Qatar. For those going for work, you often need to be sponsored by your workplace or have a skill which is needed.

  1. Health

While a warmer climate may be better for your health, the cost of health care can be significant in comparison. Having health insurance is often a condition of being granted a visa. It also pays to be aware of the rules and regulations for individual countries

  1. Foreign exchange

Not only will you likely need to change a lump sum into your new local currency, but you may need to transfer money regularly between the two countries; Foreign currency brokers charge lower fees and offer better exchange rates than using your UK bank.

For more information on our international vacancies, please visit our international division page.

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