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The 'Shift' in Recruitment Rail - The Last 10 Years' Evolution

Posted by: Josh Haggart
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At Navartis, we have been supporting recruitment in the technical rail industry for over 10 years, and in that time, we’ve seen a substantial amount of innovation and change happen on an international scale.

Here we have a look at the most prominent changes we have seen over the last decade in rail:


Modernisation is essential within rail infrastructure, but equally as a business, the rail industry needs to lead the transport industry; in the UK alone rail is responsible for carrying over 1.6million passengers across the lines each and every day. All rail companies nowadays have to not only consider design modernisation (see below), but also how they can create a faster, more reliable and route efficient solution for the growth in the industry.

The Evolution of Design Standards

Rail has always had a blend of functionality and innovation, even the most casual users of rail can spot changes in architectural styles, and how station lines across the country differ, not only in city locations but also rural ones too. The fact that all stations now have the same design principles and familiarity regardless of where in the country you are: the design trends have also evolved internally for rail passengers too, added experience drivers such as mobile charging, enhanced hospitality and more comfortable seating has all been upgraded to provide travellers with a consistent and familiar travel experience - as well as being great for corporate branding of the networks.


Not only is the recruitment within rail growing tremendously, over the last ten years it has also opened up opportunities for progression and more importantly both entry-level positions and the recruitment of women in transportation careers have become much more popular and accessible over the last five years.

We have no doubt that in the next decade, or even looking a hundred years ahead the rail industry will continue to revolutionise and lead public transport systems globally. 

Navartis offers a variety of rail jobs across the industry including estimators, quantity surveyors, railway signalling personnel, site engineers, OLE project managers, HSQE advisors, design managers, site agents and many more.

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