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Recruiter Responds to Growing Demand for Major Construction Professionals

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Whether the economy is continuing to recover or not is a matter of opinion - in some areas, it is evident there are shoots of recovery, but in others, there is still stagnation. But one thing we can be sure of is that there are specific industries where things are going well. Certain industries are starting to recruit again in higher numbers and the outlook, if you have particular skill sets, is looking relatively rosy. Here are some of the areas that recruiters are finding significant rises in demand.


Salary increases for Construction Professionals

According to a report from The Telegraph newspaper’s website, there is a broad range of industries enjoying a lot more demand for candidates than they were even a year ago. One of these industries is construction - particularly the more professional workers who hold expertise in things like quantity surveying and estimating. If you work in that field, it appears there is some pretty good news for the future, too - quantity surveyors and estimators in construction are enjoying the highest salary increases in the sector, thanks to some major construction projects occurring in all four corners of the UK.


What is causing the demand?

There are several major UK infrastructure projects which are fuelling demand for jobs in areas like quantity surveying and estimating - as well as other construction professionals. Take the complete renovation of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital as an example of what's going on at the moment. It’s a huge, £430 million contract that has been won by infrastructure and services group Carillion. The project hopes to deliver new services in a seven-storey hospital that will be able to cater than no less than 200,000 patients - an astonishing figure that is bigger than most UK cities.


University Developments

Another significant development likely to take place in the coming years is the £160 million student hall construction for Keele University. As one of the country’s biggest - and widest spread - colleges of further education, Keele has always struggled when it comes to student halls and this new project - likely to be won by Vinci - will go a long way to go towards easing many of its pressures.

There is an enormous amount of national infrastructure planning occurring, too. Construction tenders are going out to an enormous array of different companies as you read this, and although some may be subject to election and Brexit terms, the vast majority of plans will be going ahead. Head over to the Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate website run by the government to find out the full scope of development sites highlighted all over the country.


The future

So, if you are in the Construction Industry, the future is looking very bright - for now. Recruiters all over the country are currently clamouring for your talents. If you have been umming and ahhing about making that job change for a while now, perhaps it is time to make your move. You could speak to Nisa Hamid who manages our Construction Recruitment team or click here to find jobs in Quantity surveying, Estimating and much more besides.  

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