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Power & Utilities News Round-Up for June 2018

Posted by: James Turner
Industry News

Could Fusion Energy Finally become a Reality?

For many years, scientists and engineers have known that harvested fusion energy, which is the process that powers the sun, could generate limitless clean energy for our planet.   However, the biggest issue in achieving this has been how to solve turbulence which reduces temperature and pressure inside the fusion reactor and therefore limits the amount of power that can be generated.

As reported by the Engineer a project headed by researchers at York University is now underway to see how turbulence can be reduced enough whilst at the same time increasing the fusion process.

This project is vital given that thirty five nations are contributing to the world’s first Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor which is just over 50% complete being built in Saint-Paul-Les-Durance in the south of France. The cost of the project is reputed to be £16 billion.

EDF Energy Opens Blyth Off-Shore Wind Farm

Two of EDF’s senior Board members officially launched Blyth off-shore wind farm comprising of five revolutionary wind turbines which can generate 41.5 Mega Watts. Although installing 5 wind turbines off the coast of Northumberland might now sound like very many compared to some of the huge off-shore windfarms already operating around the UK, what makes these special is the use of float and submerge technology meaning the cost of installation is significantly reduced. An operational team of nine based in the Port of Blyth will continuously maintain the new wind farm.


In the same announcement EDF also officially launched West Burton B battery storage facility which will store 49 Mega Watts and aid the National Grid infrastructure.


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