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Power and Utilities Industry News Round-Up for September 2018

Posted by: James Turner
Industry News

Renewable Energy Projects Win 15-year Government Contracts

A UK government auction has awarded two Scottish renewable energy companies 15-year contracts. An offshore wind farm will be built in the Moray Firth, while Grangemouth will be home to a new biomass heat and power plant. The wind farm is a joint project by EDP Renovaveis and the Engie consortium, and Grangemouth Renewable Energy Limited will be building the biomass plant.
Both projects demonstrate that the cost of renewable energies and the technology they require is much lower than it once was. Government figures show the subsidies for new offshore wind farms now cost half as much as they did in 2015. The two projects together will generate electricity equivalent to that of an estimated 1,136,100 homes. The Moray East Offshore wind farm is expected to begin generating power in 2022/ 23, while the projected date for the biomass plant is approximately a year earlier.  Read the full story


Murphy Wins £57m Yorkshire Water Contract

Yorkshire Water has awarded a £57 million contract for an energy and recycling plant in Huddersfield to engineering and construction company J Murphy and Sons. Murphy will be designing and building the facility, which is due to be completed in May 2021. The facility will feature anaerobic digesters, a sludge reception plant, sludge thickening plant and storage, a liquor treatment plant, and more. As a strategic investment for Yorkshire water, the new facility fits in with the company's work supplying drinking water and handling wastewater for its five million customers.
Murphy also took over Carillion's projects with National Grid earlier this year, and also recently announced that a storage tank to protect homes in Goole from flooding reached a major milestone. The £6 million project is due to be completed in December of this year, and will be able to hold 2.5 million litres of storm water. The project also includes new sewers to increase the sewage network.


Think Tank Says Coordinated Leadership Is Needed for Clean Hydrogen Technologies

Think tank Policy Exchange says that transport and industry use of clean energy technologies could offer big opportunities to the UK economy. However, they see that coordinated leadership from both government and industry is necessary for the full benefits to be realised. The think tank's analysis argues that there are export opportunities for the UK in investing in cost-efficient hydrogen production technologies. They say it would also support the government's Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth agenda.
The report suggests a focus on research and development to lower the cost of clean hydration production. Scotland and North East England are highlighted as places for hydrogen production due to the possibility of producing it through renewable energy sources. The analysis predicts that up to 71 per cent of industrial emissions could be cut if natural gas was replaced by hydrogen.  Read the full story

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