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News update from the UK Power Industry for October 2018

Posted by: James Turner
Industry News

The UK Gears up for a Surge in New Biomethane Plants Through to 2020

Almost 50 applications to build new biomethane green gas plants have been lodged with Ofgem with many of them expecting to come online by 2020. This will increase the total number of UK plants to around 146 by the end of the decade. This surge in the number of new green gas biomethane plants is thanks to a hefty £400 million of investment in the sector.
Charlotte Morton, the chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) said “we’re delighted to see the gas distribution networks working together to enable and support this anticipated growth in biomethane and commit to safely connecting every biomethane plant to the gas grid. This will allow these plants to provide the green gas that we as a country absolutely need to help decarbonise the gas grid and meet our climate-change targets.”  Read the full story


Scottish Power to Invest in Solar Energy for the First Time

Scottish Power recently announced that it will invest in solar power for the first time as part of a plan to move away from fossil fuel reliance. As one of Britain’s largest energy companies, this change will provide the nation with a greener power source to help meet demands for more efficient renewables. Currently, Scottish Power only uses onshore and offshore wind farms as part of their lineup of renewables.
Keith Anderson, the company’s chief executive, said that “The solar market has had difficulties over the last wee while. But you look at where the technology cost is getting to, and the possibilities of integrating it with wind … how it balances from season to season wind and solar output, and we see a good opportunity there for further investment.”  Read the full story
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