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News from the UK Rail Industry 9th May 2019

Posted by: Warren Drobac
Industry News

West Yorkshire link system planned

A new mass transit system that would link Bradford to Leeds is being formulated by local transport bosses.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has recently proposed a City Region Transit Network that would create new public transport links in local towns and cities, including some areas that currently have no rail links.

The plan is planned to be completed by 2030 and the Combined Authority is preparing a case to submit to the Department for Transport later this month that will show the benefits of such a network. The case will include details of how such a system would benefit the local economy and ease traffic congestion and pollution.

The authority says that while any such transport system would be costly, the “scale of benefits which it delivers are also high.”

One of the lines that will make up the proposed system links Dewsbury to the University area of Leeds, via Bradford city centre. It would include stops in areas not currently linked to rail networks.

A report going to the committee says: “Based on the forecast levels of demand, our future transport network is likely to require some form of mass transit system including Park and Ride, which is capable of transporting larger numbers of people than bus, bikes and cars can accommodate. The mass transit vehicles would be just one element of integrated future pipeline; the system would need to be integrated within the wider public transport offer, for example through bus services feeding the mass transit services.

“However, lessons learnt from elsewhere suggest that there are also significant challenges associated with delivering mass transit. These include for example, the scale of costs involved, integration with bus within the deregulated market, engineering / deliverability challenges, as well as ensuring value for money for both users and investors." Full story.

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Round-the-clock work for Network Rail’s May Bank Holiday

Network Rail is preparing for extensive infrastructure work to take place over the next May Bank Holiday, 25th – 27th May. 

This week’s Bank Holiday projects included various infrastructure and service work which have benefited passengers, such as significant work along the route from London Euston to Glasgow, where railway lines were replaced. 

Network Rail will continue their projects over in the next two weeks, with the majority of work taking place between 25th – 27th May. These include: works to replace the track between Farringdon and West Hampstead, renewing the track between Swindon and Bristol Parkway, and upgrading the overhead wiring system on the Southend Victoria branch line. Full story.

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