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News from the UK Rail Industry 21st May 2019

Posted by: Warren Drobac
Industry News

Network Rail announces £800 million contracts

Network Rail has awarded contracts worth £800m for the haulage and operations of its engineering trains and seasonal treatment services in CP6 (2019-2024).

The rail haulage contracts include network, bulk ballast and possession engineering trains, and have been awarded to Freightliner, GB Railfreight, Direct Rail Services, DB Cargo UK and Colas Rail UK. As part of the seasonal services contracts, Balfour Beatty and DB Cargo UK will be providing the weedspray and autumn/winter multipurpose (MPV) services in CP6. 

The new contracts will help drive improvements in performance and delivery for more reliable services for passengers and freight.

Director of supply chain operations at Network Rail Rob Morton said: “We have applied a more collaborative and forward-thinking style to our sourcing than previously, which aligns not only our goals, but those of our supply partners. The new contracts provide us with sufficient flexibility to direct our spend to those suppliers who deliver the best service. We have also ensured the deals have appropriate mutual benefit to maximise their longevity and chance of delivering successfully.” 

Haulage and seasonal services contracts have been split into eight lots, detailed as: lot 1 (haulage for network, bulk ballast and possession trains), lot 2 (operations at Network Rail’s local distribution centres), lot 3 (multi-purpose vehicle weedspray treatment), lot 4 multi-purpose vehicle autumn and winter treatment), lot 5 (rail head treatment train for autumn treatment), lot 6 (snow and ice treatment train for winter treatment), lot 7 (winter development train for winter treatment), lot 8 (snow ploughs, route proving and ice breaking for winter treatment). Full story.

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Yorkshire leaders back HS2’s benefits

Yorkshire leaders have written to ask for the Government’s clear commitment to fully deliver the second phase of high-speed rail plans.

In an open letter to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 20 leaders underline their continued support for HS2 phase 2b, asserting that it is “one of the keys to unleashing the full economic potential of all our regions”.

The letter stresses that investment in the second phase, which is set to bring faster journeys from the Midlands to Leeds and Manchester, with services continuing further North, is complementary to, not an alternative for, improvements in local and regional rail networks such as Northern Powerhouse Rail.

“Our country has always thrived on delivering world-leading innovation and progress. Now, more than ever, we should be proud to build Europe’s largest infrastructure project without delay,” the letter says. “HS2 is an essential pillar underpinning our respective strategies to deliver faster economic growth which benefits all our communities.”

“These projects offer the chance to remove historic obstacles to inclusive growth and our focus should be on accelerating their delivery,” it continues. “Our plans show HS2, integrated with local transport at a transformed Leeds station, can deliver 40,000 additional jobs directly and a further 50,000 through productivity and regeneration benefits by 2050 in the Leeds City Region.”

The letter ends on a bold and positive note: “We will continue press the Government to ensure these investments are delivered for all parts of our region.” Full story.

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