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News from the UK Power Industry for November 2018

Posted by: James Turner
Industry News

The UK’s first Carbon-Capture project could be up and running by the mid-2020s

The government has revealed that the UK’s first carbon-capture project could be ready by the mid-2020s.

Plans unveiled at a recent summit in Edinburgh suggest that the carbon capture usage and storage project could be functional by the mid-2020s, despite the fact that efforts to fund technology costing £1 billion were cut short three years ago.
Ministers have confirmed a funding boost worth £20 million to facilitate the development of CCUS projects around the UK as part of a £45 million fund. The move is designed to lower emissions and prevent greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere.
In Scotland, an additional £175,000 has been allocated to the Project Acorn scheme in St Fergus, which is designed to capture up to 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the St Fergus Gas Terminal and deliver it to nearby gas fields.
Speaking at the Edinburgh summit, ministers from the UK government and representatives from the IEA (International Energy Agency) revealed plans to invest £20 million in facilitating CCUS projects and £315 million in the decarbonising industry. Full story 


Could Chinese developer CGN be about to invest in Moorside site?

The chief operating officer of CGN (China General Nuclear Power Group) in the UK has fuelled speculation that the company may be about to invest in Moorside after describing the Cumbrian location as a “very smart site.”

Rob Davies, chief operating officer of CGN in the UK, indicated that the firm would still be interested in the Moorside site after losing out to Kepco a year ago. Mr Davies made no secret that CGN is hoping to open a series of power stations in the UK when speaking at the Nuclear Industry Association 2018 conference in London, and he recently said that the Moorside location was a “nice site.” For now, the firm is focusing on the Bradwell B plant, but CGN is working on developing a “fleet” of nuclear power stations.
Talking about the recent announcement that Toshiba would wind up NuGen after struggling to find a buyer, Mr Davies said that it was entirely coincidental that the All Party Parliamentary Group for Nuclear Energy happened to be in China at the time the news filtered through. Two Cumbrian MPs, Trudy Harrison and Sue Hayman, were part of the group’s visit to China.
It is understood that CGN has been in talks with Toshiba over the future of NuGen, which planned to build a £15 million power station on the Moorside state. The base would have supplied around 6% of the UK’s energy, and was expected to create thousands of jobs.  Full story


Board of Trade announces £5 billion worth of energy projects

The Board of Trade has announced £5 billion worth of energy projects at a meeting in Wales.

The President, Liam Fox, outlined eleven new projects, which will be marketed to global investors as part of a collection of new development opportunities in the UK.
The Energy Investment Portfolio, which was presented by the International Trade Secretary, is designed to create new jobs, bring energy costs down for families and contribute positively to the environment.
The individual projects include up to £1 billion investment in Bristol’s City Leap programme, £65 million in Bristol’s Mishergas Waste to Fuel Plant and £60 million for the Carlton Forest Waste to Energy Plant in Nottinghamshire. Approximately £480 million will be provided for new CoGen plants in Birmingham, Cardiff, and North Lanarkshire and £40 million will be awarded to a Reliagen facility in London. Additionally, funding worth over £4 billion will be allocated for projects in Wales, Scotland and parts of England. Full story

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