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News from the UK Civils Industry November 2019

Posted by: Melonie Debenham
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Government announces flood grants as Environment Agency helps flooded communities recover

The government has announced that flood-hit homes and businesses will be able to receive up to £5,000 to help protect them from future flooding.

The grants will be made available through local authorities from the end of November onwards and will help homes and businesses to become more resilient to flooding. 

The funding will go towards the additional costs of installing fittings and materials that increase resistance to damage from water in the future, such as putting in flood doors and raising electrics off ground level.

The grants will be open to homes and businesses that have been seriously affected by flooding this autumn, including communities in South Yorkshire some of which experienced a month’s worth of rain in a single day earlier this month.

This additional funding comes as Environment Agency (EA) teams continue to work across the country to reduce flood risk and to ensure that it is safe for people to move back into their homes.

EA teams pumped floodwater out of affected areas this month to free them of flood water. EA staff continue to work with local authorities to support community recovery. More than 22,000 properties have been protected from flooding thanks to EA flood schemes and warnings.

EA engineers also inspected flood defences for signs of any damage during the flooding. Specialist teams flew aeroplanes with ‘LIDAR’ (light detection and ranging) technology to scan and map the affected areas. These surveys allow staff to identify the impact on defences before carrying out manual inspections.

While the flood risk is reducing across most of the country, with so much water remaining in river catchments, rivers are expected to respond quickly to any future rainfall.

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers said:

“As we look ahead to the coming months, it is crucial that people are able to prepare for future flooding. That is why we are providing increased funding to enable people to make their homes more resilient and better protected if floods happen again.

“With thousands of properties already safeguarded by flood defences, and work progressing on pumping away flood water, I would once again like to thank the commitment and dedication of our Environment Agency teams around the country, alongside our Emergency Services and Armed Forces.” Full story.

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