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News from the Australian Infrastructure Sectors for October 2018

Posted by: Paul Harris
Industry News

Victoria is expected to see a massive renewable energy boost

A new report has revealed that Victoria is expected to see a massive renewable energy boost with over 6,000 fresh annual jobs. Bringing 5,169 job years of employment, new solar projects in Victoria has overtaken Queensland in job development. The report, provided by GetUp reveals with further developments already in the pipeline, job years of employment will grow again to 6073.

Currently, there are various wind and solar projects across Victoria. 26 are operational, 12 are under construction, and 28 have already been provided with planning approval.

Since August a further 6,184MW large-scale renewable energy projects have started construction, providing over 15,000 new jobs, many of which were in Victoria and Queensland. Most of these projects are related to wind power at 54% while the rest were based on solar energy at a large scale. The new developments aren’t just bringing new jobs. It has helped Australia reach its energy target of 41,0000GWh.

Regarding reducing emissions through renewable power, both Victoria and Queensland will meet their renewable energy generations targets by 2030 thanks to the fresh developments.

However, the boom is expected to decline by 2020 according to industry experts due to a lack of further renewable energy investment in Australia. This could lead to multiple projects being put on hold and then being built all at the same time. Government officials have further warned that the current level of investment would be threatened if the Coalition gained a victory in the election later this year. Labor, in contrast, have promised to boost Australia’s reduction target up to 45% and increase support for renewable energy through to 2020 if they are successful. Read the full story

The Walsh Bay Arts Precinct on Sydney Harbour has begun

A $200 million redevelopment of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct on Sydney Harbour has begun. NSW Government have now signed with Richard Crookes Constructions and demolition work will start immediately. The first stage of the development plan will begin the transformation of the area into a ‘world-class Arts Precinct.’

It is hoped the new development will aid the Sydney Theatre Company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, the Sydney Dance community and the Australian Theatre for Young people. The new development will also be home to the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Bell Shakespeare at Walsh Bay.

The development will contrast the past with the present, building off the maritime history of Sydney while also ensuring that the new art facilities are designed to bring artists and audiences together in exciting new ways. It is conceived to be a new development that compliment an area with various heritage buildings and a historic past.

The new area will be set up with public facilities and fresh retail areas as early as 2020.  While fresh features will be added, the new development will aim to retain and reinvigorate the industrial aesthetic of the area first built in the 1920s.

Richard Crookes Construction has been at the forefront of providing various projects for the NSW Government. In the past, they have worked on many developments relating to health, justice and education. Read the full story

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