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Denmark to Germany Fehmarnbelt tunnel rushes ahead

Posted by: Matt Rafter
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Denmark to Germany Fehmarnbelt tunnel rushes ahead

Following months of planning, Dutch entrepreneurial consortium Fehmarn Belt Contractors is ready to move from Rotterdam to Rødbyhavn in Lolland. Here, they will establish the large working port for the construction of the Fehmarn tunnel. The first Dutch contractors are expected to arrive in Lolland in May.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will run under the Baltic Sea, connecting the Danish island of Lolland and the German island of Fehmarn. Two electrified tracks and a four-lane highway will run through the tunnel, which is due to open in 2028.

SNC Lavalin subsidiary Atkins will deliver multidisciplinary railway consultancy services throughout the project, which will include the track, overhead catenary, power supply, signalling, train control system and telecommunications. Atkins will also collaborate with German engineering firm Gauff, which will focus on the German elements of the new railway.

The 200km/h line will provide a journey time between Germany and Denmark of seven minutes, a major reduction compared with the current hour-long ferry trip. Passenger trains running between Copenhagen and Hamburg no longer use the train ferry as they are routed via Odense and Padborg.

Tendering for four design-build contracts for civil works on the link was launched in October 2013, with Femern signing four major construction contracts worth almost DKr 30bn with two consortia in May 2016.

Preliminary construction on a DKr 9.3bn project to rebuild the 115km Ringsted – Holeby line, which will become the main rail link between Scandinavia and Germany when the link opens, was launched in September 2014. At the time, the Fehmarnbelt link was due to open in 2021.

Eva Rindom, Atkins Denmark’s managing director, said: “We are incredibly proud to be part of a project which will act as a basis for regional development and provide a fast and efficient link between Scandinavia and Germany.

“We have decades of experience of working on rail projects in Denmark and we look forward to bringing this to the project.” Full stories here & here.

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