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Canadian News Update 4th March 2019

Posted by: Chris Rocheleau
Industry News

Montreal bridge near completion as $400m deconstruction planned

The new Samuel De Champlain Bridge across St. Lawrence River in Montreal is now near completion and looks set to replace the ageing Chaplain Bridge by June 2019. The new bridge, approximately 3.4km long, will serve St. Lawrence River for over 100 years.

With completion imminent attention is now turning to the deconstruction of Chaplain Bridge which was built in 1962. The project has a price tag of $400m and will be a handled by Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc (JCCBI), the federal crown corporation responsible for overseeing the pair of Quebec spans.

The detailed plans for the deconstruction are set to be released in the next two months but a pre-planning study was recently commissioned JCCBI which investigated numerous different options for tearing down and recovering certain materials from the bridge.

Deconstruction is expected to take approximately three years and will commence as soon as possible following the completion of Samuel De Champlain Bridge. Full story.

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Projects honoured at TCA’s Best of the Best awards

The Toronto Construction Association’s (TCA) Best of the Best Awards for 2018 took place late last month and highlighted the healthy mix of major projects throughout Toronto. Now in its 21st year, the awards honour people, companies and projects that demonstrate excellence in performance in the construction industry.

Chief among the Project Achievement Award winners were Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility (Large Category), the CN Tower Observation Level Renovation (Medium Category) and Lynx Music Studio Warehouse Conversion project (Small Category).

The Trade Contractors Award, which recognizes a TCA member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and superior business practices, was won by Benson Steel Limited.

“Tonight we celebrated some of the best of the best and we do that with pride,” John Mollehauer, president of the TCA, commented. “There are some extraordinary contractors in our local Toronto market, some of the best I think in the world and it’s nice to see them get the recognition they deserve.” Full story.

Salvatore optimistic about future of Construction Industry

Albert Salvatore will remain chairman of the board for the Toronto Construction Association (TCA) for another year. During the announcement at the Best of the Best Awards Salvatore said that the association will help its members confront challenges and support their transition to the new Ontario Construction Act.

“I am excited about my upcoming year as chairman and very grateful to have such an extraordinary board for support,” said Salvatore. “I am also looking forward to working once again with the excellent TCA staff in the coming year.”

John Mollenhauer, president of the TCA, welcomed the decision and offered reassurances amidst the slowing market: “As we begin 2019, it’s a little slower out of the gate. That’s no surprise but we are expecting that volume to pick back up and have another extraordinary year. We are bullish about 2019.” Full story.

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