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Canadian News Update 22nd February 2019

Posted by: Chris Rocheleau
Industry News

Call for PC Government to invest in Northern Ontario service

A regional group is calling on the Progressive Conservative Government (PC) to invest in passenger rail services for Northern Ontario.

With the provincial budget not far away, the Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) issued a release encouraging the investment in a new rail service between Toronto and Cochrane. The group highlights benefits of the service, including efficient and practical regional transportation for medium to long distances which will be appreciated especially in the winter months.

“A budget that includes both the funding and mandate for Ontario Northland to return passenger rail service from Toronto to Cochrane as soon as possible would be well received,” states the NEORN release. “The train service means economic development and tourism dollars, along with the simple fact that passenger train service would make it easier for travellers all year long.”

The government is spending $3.4 billion in capital expenditures for Metrolinx in Southern Ontario for GTHA transit service, GO and UPX and NEORN are championing substantial investment in the project in the coming months. Lucille Frith and Howie Wilcox, Co-chairs of NEORN went on to say that “Northern Ontario deserves public investment in passenger rail transportation.” Full story.

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Canada ranked 2nd on top 10 List for LEED Projects

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Top 10 list recognises markets outside the U.S. that are creating healthier, more sustainable spaces for people to live, learn, work and play. Canada has earned second place, thanks to its current total of 46.81 million gross square metres of LEED certified space.

China came in first place with 68.83 million gross square metres, but Canada has the largest number of certified projects outside the U.S. with 3,254.  Last year saw a 313 LEED projects achieve certification, including homes and neighbourhood developments.

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) President and CEO Thomas Mueller said: “Canada’s ranking in the world recognizes the leadership of the Canadian green building industry. Our stakeholders and members are committed to pushing the market forward and continuing to advocate for green buildings as carbon, energy, water, waste and health solutions. The newly launched version of LEED makes it easier than ever before to achieve high performance and scale-up market adoption to reduce carbon emissions and increase the resiliency of buildings.” Full story.

$291m investment in Manitoba highways work

Manitoba’s provincial and federal governments have committed to spend $291m on infrastructure work on Highways 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10 and 16 meaning there will be civil engineer job opportunities in this part of Canada.

The funding will also be spent on upgrades to various intersections with the addition of paved shoulders and rumble strips in key locations.

Other work includes extra lanes along Highway 6 outside Winnipeg and the construction of a new southbound commercial lane to connect to the Pembina-Emerson border crossing along PTH 75. Overall nearly 350km of road will see improvements over the next five years. Residents and business hope that the well-planned infrastructure that will make it easier to move people and products across the country, while supporting sustained economic growth and productivity for years to come. Full story.

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