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Canadian Infrastructure Sector News for November 2018

Posted by: Chris Rocheleau
Industry News

Rail News

Parrish & Heimbecker confirms plans to build new grain terminal by Vancouver Port
Parrish & Heimbecker has revealed plans to build a new grain terminal in Surrey, British Columbia.
The Fraser Grain Terminal, which will be located close to Vancouver Port, will handle around 4 million tons of high-grade Canadian grain. The terminal will be served by Canadian Pacific and CN, and will also store specialty crops, which are bound for China and Southeast Asia.
Construction on the terminal is set to begin by the end of 2019 with an anticipated completion date in late 2020.
According to a P&H press release, the new export terminal will provide a solution to two key problems: limited capacity on the Canadian rail network and a lack of suitable land for handling grain around the port. A family-run company, P&H has confirmed a long-term rental agreement from the port authority and will be in charge of running the facility.
The state of the art terminal will feature modern storage facilities, three shiploaders fitted with dust-reducing features and an above-ground conveying system.  Rail loading areas will also be expanded to improve efficiency and cut rail-car cycle times.
The project also contains plans to modernize and extend the existing track, create a semi-loop track and build a new truck and rail car loading facility.
CN senior vice president for rail-centric supply chain growth, Doug MacDonald, said that the new development will benefit customers of P&H, CN, and Canadian Pacific. The move has also been welcomed by Canadian Pacific’s vice president of sales and marketing for grain and fertilizers, Joan Hardy, who described it as just what the “grain supply chain needs.”  Full story


Power and Utilities

New $4.5 billion gas pipeline to run from Northern Ontario to Quebec
Plans to create a new $4.5 billion natural gas pipeline, which will stretch from Northern Ontario to Quebec, have received a mixed response.
The proposed pipeline, which will traverse 66km of wilds between Quebec and Ramore, has drawn comparisons with the controversial Energy East programme. Despite some similarities between the two projects, Gazoduq’s president, Louis Bergeron, said that they were completely different, and extolled the virtues of the new proposal for Northern Ontario. Of the $4.5 billion budget, 10% will be spent in Ontario, with several jobs created and the pipeline will bring natural gas to a more expansive area. Mr Bergeron was keen to highlight the potential benefits of the scheme, which also include tax revenues for communities in the north and environmental advantages. Mr Bergeron suggested that the project will reduce greenhouse gases. Gazoduq was also quick to highlight the difference between an oil spill and the impact of a natural gas leak.
The plans outline a route that runs north of Kirkland Lake to the south of Highway 101. While some support the proposal, not everyone is on board. Brennain Lloyd, from the environmental group, Northwatch, described Mr Bergeron’s argument as “weak” and said that it was only relevant in a situation where natural gas replaced all “dirty energy.”
Gazoduq will host a series of consultations at the beginning of 2019 to determine the best route for the pipeline and hopes to begin construction in 2020. The aim is to start running gas in 2022. Full story


Civil Engineering and Construction

Maple Leaf to build new $660 million poultry plant in London, Ontario
Maple Leaf Foods is set to build a new $660 million poultry plant in London, Ontario.
Construction on the new 640,000 square foot poultry processing facility will begin in spring 2019. The design and engineering work is almost complete, paving the way for construction to begin on schedule. The site, which spans 100 acres, is located on greenfield land and the project will be overseen by Hixson in partnership with WalterFedy. A general contractor has not yet been confirmed.
Once construction begins, the site will recruit around 350 employees with 85% of the total project spend allocated to Canadian contractors. Jobs for civil engineers will be posted. The finished facility will create 1,450 full-time positions, but Maple Leaf’s current sites in St Mary’s, Brampton, and Toronto will close over the course of the next four years. The aim is to consolidate operations and relocate to the larger, modern London base.
At present, Maple Leaf is hoping that the new facility will be up and running by the second quarter of 2021. Full story



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