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Australian News Update 25th April 2019

Posted by: Paul Harris
Industry News

Solar farm to power NSW rail

The 87MW Beryl solar farm in New South Wales, has become the latest large-scale renewable energy project to join the grid, injecting its first power into the network.

The solar farm, owned by the listed solar farm investor New Energy Solar, has a 15-year contract to supply electricity to the NSW government-owned north west Sydney Metro train lines, which will account for up to 69% of its output.

The farm’s first output occurred this week and the solar farm will be complete in May, around 12 months after construction started.

New Energy Solar has suggested the addition on battery storage also remains an option, to time shift the output of the solar farm, and sell in evening peaks rather than the anticipated price troughs in the middle of the day, and/or to provide market services. Full story.

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Floating trains could connect Sydney & Melbourne

Commuters could soon be travelling from Sydney to Melbourne in just over half an hour in floating trains.

Virgin Hyperloop One envisions futuristic technology to reach speeds of 1200km/hr, which would slash travelling time across Australian cities. Hyperloop is a system that involves tubular pods gliding at airline speeds through low-pressure tubes that have had the air removed to create a vacuum.  The tube is suspended off the ground to protect against weather and earthquakes, and uses an electromagnetic propulsion system to accelerate levitating pods through a vacuum tube. Pods are designed to travel short and medium distances and can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

Virgin Hyperloop One is currently working on three hyperloop between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE, Mumbai and Pune in India, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the US. 

Ryan Kelly, a spokesman for Virgin Hyperloop One said that the company was open to building a network in Australia if it had the support of the federal government: “We haven't had a major new form of transport in 100 years. We're due for one, especially one that is ultra-fast, on-demand, direct to destination, emission-free, energy efficient, quiet, safe and reliable.”

Faster rails have been on the agenda for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and some state governments to ease congestion in the major cities. Morrison said he wanted workers in capital cities to spend less time stuck in traffic, while helping struggling rural and regional communities inject life into their towns.

Fast-rail links between Melbourne and Shepparton, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and Sydney and Newcastle are under consideration. Full story.

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