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August 2018 Navartis News Round-Up for the Civil & Construction Industry

Posted by: Melonie Debenham
Industry News

Pre-fab techniques migrate being onsite

Modular fabrication has received a huge amount of focus over recent years thanks to its cost and time efficiency, but has been somewhat limited by the need for off-site assembly. To combat this issue, engineers are now exploring methods that allow for on-site construction, using digital construction techniques such as robots and drones.
The push has been spearheaded by Newtecnic, an engineering technology firm, who have sought to merge modular building with on-site construction when working on public buildings. To achieve this, Newtecnic encourage Site Managers to create custom workspace areas for on-site fabrication, with shipping containers that house high-end CNC machine tools that can customise key components at short notice proving to be particularly suited to the work at hand. Newtechnic claim that the ability to create key components on site allows for tweaks, design changes, and accommodations while a build progresses.  Read the full story


Emma Antrobus becomes regional director of ICE

Emma Antrobus has been announced as the new head of the North West regional branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). Antrobus, who has managed stakeholders for a variety of projects including HS2 and Northern Rail Hub, hopes her appointment will help to encourage more young people - and particularly women - to consider engineering as a career path. Antrobus hopes to use her appointment to highlight the plethora of options available to those who may wish to work in the industry, with a particular focus on encouraging diversity among candidates.  Reads the full story 


Forth Road Bridge added to ICE People & Projects

ICE have added new information to their website discussing the Forth Road Bridge, which is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The famous crossing has been included in ICE’s “What Is Civil Engineering?” section, which was created when studies showed that only 35% of young people could describe what a Civil Engineer does as part of their job.
It is a timely inclusion, given the Forth Road Bridge’s recent challenges. The bridge was closed in 2015 for emergency repairs, which caused significant disruption due to the need for a 33-mile diversion. This led to economic costs in excess of £1m per day, further underlining the importance of the bridge to Scotland’s infrastructure. With the replacement crossing now open, and its place in the “What Is Civil Engineering?” section complete, it is hoped the Forth Road Bridge will both meet the needs of the local populace and serve as inspiration for the next generation of Civil Engineers. For more background on the Forth Road bridge and its importance to Scottish transport, read the full story
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