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A day in the life of a... Power Engineer

Posted by: Daz Singh
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Power Engineering is one subsection of energy engineering, responsible for dealing with all aspects involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electric power. Depending on the location your work, this industry has an eclectic mix of working hours, conditions and responsibilities. Long nights and extra shifts are to be expected but the reward is a healthy pay packet and opportunities to advance through the various levels.

The day to day life of a power engineer is hard to predict; one day may be sitting around trying to find something to occupy time whilst another may plunge you into an emergency situation where people are reliant on you to fix the problem. Wherever you work is likely to have a different day to day operation; hospitals and schools will be radically different to power stations and processing plants. The basis of the work you do should however, remains similar, as a site power engineer you are expected to plan, design, construct, operate and manage any and all power projects that affect your company. Additionally you are expected to be prepared for any accidents or situations that could arise.

A typical power engineer will, in the space of a week:

  • Confer with other engineers and team members to discuss projects and problems
  • Design power grids with the use of CAD and CAE
  • Inspect all facilities to ensure everything is operational and meets code
  • Perform regular maintenance to systems
  • Oversee production, including keeping projects on time and in budget
Power engineers are looked at in different classes, from 5th up to 1st class, each signifying the level of knowledge, experience and qualification of the engineer in question. With each bump in class you can expect a bump in salary and responsibility. Power engineers are well paid; starting salaries for electrical engineers begin around £20,000, average pay sits around £35,000 with senior chartered engineers receiving upwards of £60,000, the hard work is well rewarded.

With the opportunity for large pay checks, semi-flexible work schedule and advancement into management, power engineer positions attract a lot of interest.

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