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8 ‘must haves’ for your Construction Manager CV

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Construction Manager is a typical role at Navartis, with many opportunities across the civil and construction industry both here in the UK and internationally.

We’ve collated some of the most effective tips from our experience of seeing CV’s to give you some pointers when looking at Construction Manager roles;

An ‘Objective opening’ is vital

Create a big impact by opening with an objective summary section which details your strongest skills for the role. Not only is this important for recruiters but its vital information that can be passed on to the employer and check against their specification to your abilities.

Presentation and layout are crucial

If the information is clearly presented and laid out it will get noticed and reflect positively on the candidate. Poorly presented CVs (however good the content is) could easily get overlooked.’ Choose a font that is easy to read and ensure that your headings and sub-headings are unambiguous.

Focus on core education, work experience, skills/achievements

This may sound obvious, but ensure your core skills are clearly represented and reflective of a Constriction Management role – be it a case study of a particular onsite issue you dealt with or team management examples.


It's difficult to overstate how crucial good communication skills are, ensure you demonstrate not only via presentation of the information but reference to your industry and terminology too.


Many recruiters will scan your CV, either personally or using software, to check for a number of keywords related to the position you are applying for. Using your experience in the construction industry be sure to pack your CV with plenty of these. If you’re not sure what sort of things you should include take a look at similar job offers or talk to friends in the industry.


Whilst you already know to include contact numbers on your CV by adding figures from your previous positions it will help by showing off what you have achieved in the past. For example if you oversaw a team include how many people were on that team, if you were working within budgets, state how much it was and how you worked with or around it.

Quantifiable achievements

Don’t be too generic with your previous body of work; this is your chance to show off to a potential new employer. Make sure you put all of your previous achievements in a way that demonstrates the worth that your work brought to your former employer.

Active language

Avoid clichés but keep your CV positive, passive language can be extremely formal sounding so try and stick to active language, holding the recruiter’s attention

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