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5 signs you’re ready for a new job

Posted by: Dan Stargatt
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We have a huge amount of experience of working with candidates who want to leave their current job and no surprises, it’s usually tied to a few key reasons, including lack of opportunity and feeling undervalued. 


It’s normal to have a bad day here and there, but if you find that you’re having more bad days than good, then maybe it’s time for you to start looking for a new opportunity.


Remember, the average person works 5 days a week, so it’s crucial that you enjoy what you do and you feel fulfilled. If this isn’t the case then it’s up to you to make a change. 


Here are our five key signs that you are ready for a new job…


Feeling undervalued


Feeling undervalued doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel you are underpaid, it could also mean that you aren’t getting enough recognition for your work or that you aren’t being given enough responsibility.  However, and it’s no surprise that salary is the number one reason for people wanting to move on. 


Now it’s important to do your research before making the decision that you are underpaid. Best way to do this is to look online at similar level jobs in your area to see what they are offering. If you are seeing a consistent trend, and by that we mean your salary is consistently less than what is being offered elsewhere, then you have a case. If you have discussed this with your manager and there seems to be little being done to resolve it then you are probably right to want to move on. 


Being paid your worth has a direct link to your output and job satisfaction and it really is about knowing your worth. Don’t sell yourself short and do your homework, so you know what the right salary looks like for your profession and level of experience. 


You wake up not looking forward to work


Do you often get that feeling of dread in your belly when you wake up in the morning? Well that’s not a great way to start any day. 


You can always tell when someone loves their job, they have enthusiasm, drive and a positive attitude and it’s infectious. However, the longer you let this feeling take over the more detrimental it will be for your professional development and your overall performance. 


You feel stuck


Feeling stuck or feeling like you have gone as far as you can go in your current company? Whatever the reason for you feeling like this, be it the company is too small and offers no room to progress further, or your manager isn’t giving you the opportunities to develop, it won’t change unless you talk about it or look at other opportunities. 


Take accountability for your career and if that means looking for a new opportunity you need to put your career first to help progress and develop.  


You’re bored


There’s nothing worse than being bored at work. It could be down to the work not being challenging or stimulating enough or not enough for you to fill your day/week. Whatever the reason being bored can have a negative impact on your career. 


Being stimulated and challenged has an important role to play in overall job satisfaction and without them you could find yourself becoming less and less enthusiastic and passionate about what you do.  


You find yourself job searching during working hours


This isn’t necessarily a sure sign that you need to make a change, as it’s common for people to just keep an eye on the jobs market just in case your dream job came up. However, if this is a regular activity of yours then yes, we think it’s more than likely a sign that you are not happy in your current role. Especially if you are reading job adverts and thinking you want that job. 




If you can relate to one or a few of these then it’s time to take a step back and take a proper look at if you are genuinely happy and fulfilled in your current role. Remember, searching for a new job doesn’t mean you have committed to leaving your current job.


Also, we strongly suggest that if you are serious about wanting to look for a new opportunity then get in touch with our team of specialists. We can have a confidential discussion about your current position and work out the best route for you and your career. 


Time to look for a new job?

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If you are keen to discuss your current situation and want to find out how we can help you make your next career step then get in touch with our team of recruitment experts. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you and your career progress. 

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