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4 key advantages of working with a recruitment agency

Posted by: Dan Stargatt
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There are many advantages of working with a recruitment business, but in this article we wanted highlight the 4 key advantages of working closely with a recruitment business when hiring talent into your business. 


Knowledge of the market

Any quality recruitment business will have a great team of well-trained recruiters that are specialists in their sectors and disciplines. This means that they will understand current trends, will be in-tune with their sector and will be able to offer you valuable insight into the current market and what helps attract the best people in the industry. 


Extended reach

Advertising jobs can be an expensive and time costly activity for a company, especially if you are wanting to advertise across multiple job boards. Plus, advertising a job doesn’t give you certainty that you will attract the right candidate for the role. 


Working with a recruitment agency offers you the ability to reach a huge number of highly relevant and talented candidates through an updated and well-maintained database and existing relationships built up over the years. 


This means that you will be reaching a huge number of candidates actively seeking new opportunities who will more than likely not be on traditional job boards. On top of this you will be able to reach great candidates that aren’t actively looking but are open to hearing about new roles from us. 


Time saved

Hiring talent into your business can be long and sometimes stressful. Advertising and screening CVs is often the most time consuming process and can be difficult to manage.  


Working with a recruitment agency will help, as the sourcing and screening process would be taken out of your hands and you would be sent only the most relevant candidates that are the right fit for the role and your business. Plus, due to our extended reach, discussed in the point above, we can say with confidence that we would be able to find the right candidates quicker. 


Brand ambassadors

Brand is a huge consideration for a candidate when looking for new opportunities, so it’s important that you can sell your brand. Unsurprisingly a lot of companies either forget to sell their brand, or aren’t the best at selling the brand, which can often lead to candidates feeling underwhelmed. 


This is where we can help! Our Recruitment Consultants are highly skilled at selling opportunities, so by working with us and building a good relationship, where we know your business inside and out, we can quickly become brand ambassadors. 


This means we can talk passionately about your training and development, culture, projects, mission, vision and values and really help sell your brand and help secure the best talent for your business. 

Need help with recruitment?

We pride ourselves on our service and are always pushing boundaries to help improve this for our clients and candidates. We have relationships with thousands of great candidates across the construction, civils, rail, power and telecoms sectors. If you want to find out about our services in more detail and how we can help you and your business visit our client services page.


Get in touch

Alternatively, you can reach out to the heads of our sectors to discuss your situation and requirements in more detail:


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