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20 Engineering Resources you should follow on Twitter in 2017

Posted by: Warren Drobac
Industry News

The rise in social media means is now easier than ever to find out instantly what is happening and who is saying what in any industry. Engineering in all its forms is no different with Twitter actively used by many of the top engineers, academic institutions, regulatory councils, news and event sites .

The type of content shared is often current, topical and in some cases controversial. Whatever your occupation or interests are there is always a person or industry brand worth following on Twitter. Please view our list of engineering resources below ordered by number of followers at the time of publication; (57,000 Followers) - Interesting engineering is focused on connecting like minded engineers on the latest developments and ideas. - (50,900 Followers) - Professes to be leading technology, business, innovation, engineering news, analysis and insight website.

the engineer twitter page (24,600 Followers) - A not for profit organisation working in partnership with the engineering community promoting the interests of this sector. (17,200 Followers) - Professional Engineering magazine based in London. (37,400 Followers) - Institute of Engineering and Technology primary responsibility is to safeguard professional standards whilst providing thought leadership and much more.<.p> (36,700 Followers) - Around for almost 200 years ICE is one of the leading civil engineering institutions in the world. (34,700 Followers) - A leading resource for design engineers, machine builders an OEM’s.

Design World Twitter Page (30,500 Followers) - Civil engineering concern focused in the construction and project management sectors. (24,600 Followers) - Institute of Mechanical Engineers promoting the profile of mechanical engineers and the wider profession. (21,000 Followers) - New Civil engineer providing the latest news, analysis and opinion. (20,600 Followers) - Women’s Engineering Society is a charity supporting and inspiring women in engineering. (20,300 Followers) - Known as the Engineering Exchange, this organisation is a dedicated social network for engineers with forums and groups to participate in. - (19,700 Followers) - As the name suggests provides a platform for employers and educators to promote the engineering profession throughout the UK.

Tomorrows World Twitter Page (19,200 Followers) - Engineering for Change connecting over 1 million practitioners worldwide. (19,200 Followers) - Official Berkeley College of Engineering Twitter page. (18,900 Followers) - A trade magazine based in Toronto Canada, dedicated to design engineering, machine building and product development. (18,200 Followers) - Official UK regulatory body for the engineering profession. - (16,400 Followers) - A McGraw Hill Education twitter feed posting from New York promoting the latest industry publications. (16,100 Followers) - The Royal Academy of Engineering is the UK’s national academy for engineering with the aim of advancing standards and promoting this sector. (8,028 Followers) One of the leading event organisations for engineering and technology.

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