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Permanent and Contract Gas Engineer Jobs

As a Gas engineer, you will be responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of appliances or pipes in commercial and residential properties. You could be involved in working with a range of different equipment including everything from heaters to cooking appliances. It will be your duty to visit premises and fix issues if and when they arise or handle installs.

One of your primary duties as a Gas engineer will be to make sure that you are handling safety issues. Gas can be incredibly dangerous to clients, so it’s important that you recognise, diagnose and repair faults. An example of this would be guaranteeing that the right level of ventilation is present in certain rooms. You will also need to make sure that you are responsible for dealing with electronic issues such as a connection problem to a control panel.

Customer service is also an important aspect of your role. Clients and customers will have questions that you will need to answer correctly, providing key information to help them understand issues with their devices or recommend products that they may need.

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