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Why Sydney 2018 is a great time for anyone working in Rail, Civil Engineering and Power

Posted by: Paul Harris
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As project recruitment specialists Navartis Pty Ltd fling open the doors to their new Australia office. it’s a time to start seriously thinking about the work opportunities and where the work will be throughout the year. Navartis work with construction workers, engineers and surveyors on a daily basis and know full-well that the industry has to be aware of the places in the world that need us, and right now, that particular place could be Sydney and New South Wales in Australia where Navartis Pty Ltd is based.

What’s happening?

There is a massive change in infrastructure happening in Sydney as we speak. Due to a growing population, the New South Wales region is currently starting a huge array of different building projects - up to 80 according to the NSW government website. But the area has a slight problem in that skilled construction workers are thin on the ground. And given that government figures estimate the need for 100,000 jobs to be created, it’s clear that anyone with a construction, engineering or surveying background should be taking advantage.

Why is there a shortage of workers?

According to the government, this set of infrastructure projects is a once-in-a-generation event. The scope is huge and unprecedented in modern times, so it makes sense that there is a need for workers to come in and snap up the work. While the government is allocating lots of apprenticeships and over half a million vocational training places for young Australian citizens, the reality is that at the moment, officials and construction firms need those skills in place already. So, it’s an ideal time for Australians living further afield or foreign construction workers or engineers to get in touch with recruitment agencies like Navartis and see if moving to Sydney is a viable option. Ultimately, there is a lot of work to go around, and your skills might be needed to keep the projects on-track and on-time.

What are our Australian clients looking for?

If you are a professional man or women working in any area of the construction industry and who may be thinking about advancing their prospects by considering a job move, now could be the time. The Australian government and construction firms are looking for highly skilled technical and management professionals in other areas, too, including global transportation, civil engineering and utilities.  As the government have started, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.


When should I be looking?

If you want to strike while the iron is hot, 2018 should be your target for new opportunities in Sydney, Australia. The government has committed to completing 10 major infrastructure projects by 2024, including upgrades to rail lines, redevelopment of health services and work on major highways. These are all enormous jobs. The WestConnex Construction Project is estimated to cost an astonishing $16.8 billion alone and will be responsible for the creation of over 10,000 jobs.
If you are a skilled construction worker or engineer, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in New South Wales.

Who can help?

Navartis Pty Ltd are already working with skilled professionals across Rail, Civil Engineering and Power disciplines and are keen to hear from individuals looking to take the next steps in their career.

Key disciplines include:

  • Contracts Administrators
  • Building Service Engineers
  • Water Infrastructure Engineers
  • Project Engineers - road and rail
  • Solar Farm Construction Professionals

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After 5 years of experience as Civil Engineer in Metro Rail projects, it will be a great learning to work on such mega-projects in Australia.
Sumit Srivastava, 09 March 2018
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