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Why Sales Professionals are Making the Move into Recruitment

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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There are more and more sales professionals realising that they can utilise their skills by transferring them very successfully in to that of a Recruitment Consultant.

Moving from a successful sales role to a Trainee Recruitment Consultant can be a fantastic way to move your career forward despite owing the title of ‘trainee’ for a short while. The potential in recruitment is huge.

Attractive benefits packages, fast track career progression, generous holiday allowances, exciting reward and recognition initiatives and the opportunity to earn uncapped commission to push your earnings up to higher levels than what many sales professionals have seen previously are all reasons why this profession is turning heads.

The skills that sales professionals currently have can result in some big earnings if they can be transferred successfully over to the world of recruitment. The reason for this is that there is an abundance of opportunities and no shortage of highly skilled candidates looking for their next perfect role.

What does a Recruitment Consultant do?

A company’s greatest resource will always be its people. It’s also its most expensive resource. This is why Recruitment Consultants will always be in high demand.

Recruitment Consultants work hard to profile and match candidates to client companies who are seeking to fill a freelance/ contract or permanent position. Great Recruitment Consultants work closely with clients to build a relationship in order to thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of the business along with the specifics of the role to be filled. Recruiters are responsible for attracting candidates through different means including, advertising on job boards, networking, headhunting, gaining referrals, utilising social media, proactively approaching candidates by CV searching and being an all-round excellent people person so candidates want to speak with you and work with you.

To counter this, a great Recruiter also works to build relationships with numerous clients/ businesses to better understand what type of candidates they look for and how they can be of service. Much of a Recruitment Consultant’s day is based on the telephone working smarter, not harder by chasing down leads and seeking out opportunities both on the client side and the candidate side. Other activities include, arranging interviews, conducting interview prep, taking interview de-briefs, attending client meetings, conducting telephone and/ or face to face interviews and negotiating on fees and salaries.

Sales skills that translate to recruitment consultant jobs

As with sales professionals, the key attributes a successful Recruitment Consultants needs are; drive, ambition, hunger and motivation. Along with these core attributes there are other transferrable skills from working in a sales position that can be utilised. Communication is key. Having the ability to build rapport with a wide variety of people and knowing how to actively listen is critical for success, particularly when working as a Recruitment Consultant for senior level positions.

Time management and organisation will make a huge impact on the consistency of your success as a Recruiter. The role is also somewhat autonomous. You are in control of your own day and as much as this sounds fantastic, the caveat is that it means you are 100% accountable for the results you either achieve or alternatively, don’t achieve! Due to this, other traits needed are resilience and tenacity. There can be many knock-backs for a Recruitment Consultant, much of the time on a daily basis however if you’re someone who loves the feeling of being in control of your own earning potential and career progression, the knock back become a part of a very fulfilling journey.

Navartis offer Trainee Recruitment Positions and a robust Training program which has been designed specifically to transfer existing skills from a sales role in to the role of a Recruitment Consultant. Career progression is readily available as it is a self-created opportunity along with fantastic earnings to be had along the way.
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