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Spotlight: A day in the life of a Senior Recruitment Consultant

Posted by: Rebecca Craighill
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Lucy joined Navartis in October 2017 as a Trainee Consultant for Contract in the Power team. She passed her probation within three months and earned promotion to Senior Consultant in April 2019. She recently earned her first company car, a Range Rover Evoque.

We sat down with Lucy to get an understanding of what her day looks like, what she loves (and hates) about her job, where she sees her career going, and what advice she has for those looking to get ahead in recruitment.

Q. What does your typical day consist of?

My week is heavily phone-based and focused around building and maintaining relationships. It’s a mixture of speaking to candidates, clients and my active contractors. This is vital to make sure all my jobs are developing and that none of the plates stop spinning.

I like to break my week up into daily tasks to keep everything moving but my activities are influenced by what works best for the people I talk to. For example, afternoons are the best time to make business development calls to clients as they’re usually too busy first thing in the morning. My best time to reach out to them is on a Friday when people start to wind down for the weekend, making our conversations more open and relaxed.

Q. What is the most rewarding part of recruitment?

I enjoy building relationships with clients and being the first port of call for candidates. I want to go home at the end of the day knowing that I’ve given 100% and delivered a five-star service. It gives me a big boost to read great reviews from my contractors.

Business development is another rewarding part of the job, taking a client who we might not have had much activity with and building a prosperous relationship with them. This doesn’t just benefit myself and the business, but also opens a lot of doors for my contractors.

It’s a great feeling when both client and candidate are a perfect match and a placement goes through. I won’t lie – I like to make money and progress in my career. Navartis set some very tough targets and I give myself high personal goals. Becoming a Senior Consultant was a huge milestone for me. Principal Consultant is next on my list and I can’t wait!

Probably the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to use my position of Senior to help other consultants coming through the business. I know how hard it can be to find your rhythm in recruitment, so I love to deliver desk-level coaching to Trainees. It’s very rewarding to see their success.

Q. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

When I came into Navartis, the industry sectors felt like a brick wall. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a lack of knowledge but the only way to learn is to ask questions. I’m not afraid to ask my contractors everything I need to understand what they do. It’s the only way I’ll be able to deliver a five-start service for them.

Being away from my desk (for a morning, day or week) is always a challenge mainly due to the time management side of things. I’ll admit I’m not a naturally organised person so I have to make sure I’m managing my time well, which takes work.  Coming back after a week off sometimes feels like starting from scratch. You really can’t afford to let any of the plates stop spinning or it will steamroll and all of a sudden you’re neglecting candidates, which is never an option. I put a lot of Navartis processes in place to make sure I’m organised, as well as my own.

Recruitment has taught me a lot about organising my time and I can even carry this over into life outside of work.

Q. Why did you go into recruitment?

My parents both have successful sales backgrounds, so I’ve always had that in the back of my mind. Before recruitment I worked as an estate agent for two years which gave me the communication skills that are so important to what I do now. There are a lot of transferable skills there.

Recruitment appealed because of the potential earnings. It takes a lot of work but if you’re successful then recruitment can be very rewarding. 

Navartis have given me uncapped opportunities for growth so my progression is really down to own hard work and success as a consultant. I like knowing that my development is in my hands.

Q. What qualities does someone need to excel in recruitment?

Recruitment is tough! If you’re going to be successful it takes hard work, determination, ambition, focus and a hunger for growth. There’ll always be setbacks, so you’ve got to be able to pick yourself up and push on. The highs definitely outweigh the lows.

You need to be willing to throw yourself in at the deep end, ask questions, and be proactive. You also need to be a bit selfish with your time; you’re in control of your success so it demands focus. You need to take ownership of your desk and your workload and focus on doing your job to a five-star standard.


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