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Our visit to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

Posted by: Neil Baker
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Following our End of Quarter fundraising effort in April, Bluebell Wood invited us to present them with a cheque on Friday 26th July.

Bluebell Wood care for children and young adults whose lives are sadly just too short. Their team believes that every family deserves to make magical memories with their child, whether they have years, months, weeks or days together.

Our visit was a true eye-opener for us and highlighted the impact our fundraising efforts make to children and their families.

The word “hospice” can bring with it preconceptions. It’s easy to picture a sad, cold place. But Bluebell Wood is, above all else, a happy place. It’s designed to be a place of joy for the children and families who visit. 

This was clear from our approach. It’s easily accessible but nicely tucked away in North Anston, Sheffield. A long driveway gives way to meadows and fields. We are flanked on both sides by greenery and, even in the rain, it feels like a summer escape. The greenery soon gives way to an inviting building, nestled among water features, playgrounds, and seating areas. 

"What Bluebell Wood are doing is brilliant. All the small details and attention to care have made it the most peaceful, pleasant and fun place. I haven’t stopped talking about it, and it has only spurred me on more to do more. I’m very thankful to see first-hand the wonderful things Bluebell Wood are doing." - James Lightburn, Consultant.

We were shown around by Corporate Fundraiser David Hall, who took the time to explain Bluebell Wood’s mission and how funds are utilised. 

The vast dining area allows families to share their stories, while facilities such as a cinema, sensory playroom and music therapy room offer a welcoming space for children and young adults.

Outdoor facilities include beautiful gardens accessible to people with mobility challenges. The grounds are large enough to allow children and families to be walked by Bluebell Wood mascot George the Dog.

Bluebell Wood’s end of life accommodations ensure discretion and dignity for patients and their families. Private suites allow whole families to stay in an environment that is a close to a home as possible, with self-catering facilities including kitchens and living rooms.

But it’s the details which stand out. Having been up and running for more than ten years, the team at Bluebell Wood have thought of everything. For example, digital artwork on the ceilings are designed to engage patients who may travel the corridors in beds, looking upwards.

“Bluebell Wood gives families a sense of stability when everything else might be falling apart. It’s a positive place that focuses on making the most of the time that families have left with each other. It gives them back a sense of control of a situation where they may have felt there was none.” - Dan Hartley, Consultant.

It’s clear that the teams have put in huge time and effort into making Bluebell Wood a safe, happy and comforting environment. But their determination to do more is on display. With further funds and awareness, Bluebell Wood will be able to do care for even more children, young adults and families and make their final years, months, weeks or day together happy and memorable.

At Navartis we’re proud to partner with such an amazing cause and our visit has spurred us on to continue our fundraising efforts.

As part of our social corporate responsibility our aim is to raise funds for Bluebell Wood and promote the importance of their work. The local area really is lucky to have such a great charity on its doorstep and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining such a warm and lovely place for children and their families.

Corporate Fundraiser David Hall said: “It’s fabulous to be partnered with the Navartis team. We are trying to do more and more in the Doncaster area and reach even more families out there so to be linked with elite companies like Navartis allows us to reach more and more people.”

At Navartis, our teams here are very passionate about their mission, and we dedicate our end of quarter celebrations to raising funds and awareness for Bluebell Wood. From sponsored leg waxing to apple bobbing, we're delighted to get behind them in any way we can.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Bluebell Wood for inviting us to visit. It’s reaffirmed our goal and encouraged us to work even harder to play our part in supporting their work. We look forward to raising more funds and awareness for Bluebell Wood in the coming months and years.

To learn more about Bluebell Wood and join their network of fundraisers, please visit

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