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New Year Recruitment Hacks and Ideas

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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New Year Hacks

As we enter 2019, it is a classic time of year for making commitments. Be it New Year’s resolutions or goal setting, many plans will have fallen by the wayside by the time we get to February. The hard truth is that you must want the outcome enough to be willing to do what it takes to make the change! I’ve shared here 5 easy hacks to help 2019 be your best year yet in recruitment. Each idea is high return when implemented consistently. Pick two or three that resonate with you enough that you’ll make it happen. Be selectively unreasonable with yourself and make sure you hold yourself to account.
##Be positive (Stay at Cause rather than Effect) - This business can be a roller coaster with emotional highs and lows along the ride. When things don’t go our way (that candidate doesn’t accept, that client is too slow with a decision or adverts don’t attract good people any more) it is important we focus on being at cause (rather than effect). By being positive and taking ownership of the outcome will help me to think a little deeper -
“What did I do to help that candidate decide not to accept the job?”
“What did I not do that could have made a difference?” 


When we spend too much time at effect we are in danger of joining the blame game. Where little of the outcomes feel like they are in our control and we start to blame our clients and candidates for outcomes that we probably had more influence over, if we were a little more honest.
##Get effective with your use of email. How do you really decide if it is an email or a phone call?
Be honest with yourself -
Is it about getting the task done?
Is it about speed of delivery?
How much of it is linked to the level of influence that is required and the commercial opportunities that do (or don’t) exist in having a real conversation?
Go through your sent items for the last week. How many emails did you send that would have been better received, or created more opportunities, if it had been a phone call?
We’ve arrived in an age where attention is getting harder and harder to secure. The average business person receives 147 emails per day and spends over two hours a day in their inbox. To get a better return from legitimate emails, get your timing right and invest time in crafting a subject line. Before work is a great time to send a business email. 6am through until 7.30am is the real sweet spot. I’m writing this on the train to London at 6.22am and everyone (whose screen I can see) is in their inbox. Email scheduling has been around for a long time, perhaps it could be part of your 2019 plan? David Ogilvy (the father of modern marketing) said 80% of your effort should be focused on your headline. Five times as many people read the headline that they do the article (or advert). Write a good headline (or email subject line) and you’ll convert more to open the email or engage with your advert. 
Whilst you audit your sent items, have a look at your subject lines. How many compel action to open the message...


##Develop a voicemail strategy - You probably already have one, right? What is our strategy when we are calling people and we get their voicemail?

Once we’ve executed that, what do we do in 24 hours with those who didn’t respond?
I work with a lot of recruitment companies in a variety of different markets. The pattern is the same. Lots of outbound calls, lots of voicemail messages and far less incoming calls responding to messages that have been left. A staggering 18% of people in the UK admit to listening to their voicemail on their mobile phone. Unknown number? enough said. Unrecognised number - they’ll call back. Voicemail longer than 20 seconds, waffle. For the record, I advocate leaving voicemails. As part of the fabric of reaching out to contact someone. Not enough people in recruitment have a clear plan (written down or in their own mind) as to how they intend to increase their response rate to voicemail, email, SMS, Whatsapp, Inmail or good old fashion postcards through the mail.

Only 18% of people listen to their voicemail. What else could you do??
##Track your lost revenues. For clarity’s sake, lost revenues are the opportunities you had to make money that didn’t turn into revenues. This could include:
  • Jobs you worked that were filled by another source
  • Jobs that got cancelled or pulled
  • Candidates who went for an interview and came second
  • Candidates who were active, looking and submitted to jobs by you
  • Candidates who back out and take another job elsewhere
  • Candidates who decide to stay due to promises of promotion, work changes or more money
  • Meetings that haven’t converted into new work
  • Leads that failed to convert into new jobs

All of the above happen to even the best recruitment consultants. Good consultants track to make sure that filled jobs (through other sources) do turn out to be new hires starting; Keep in touch with good candidates and track their leads beyond the first and second call.
##Set a referral strategy - According to Harvards Business School, if you deliver a good service to your customers 5% of them will go out of their way to recommend you to others. If you ask them to do it, it rises to 50%. What is your candidate and client referral strategy for 2019?
To get it right think about timing. When is the best time to ask for a referral? When would a client be most likely to recommend you to a colleague or contact in their network? Map your candidate and client experience and set the points in the process where you can plant the seed, water it and then harvest your referrals.
##Develop yourself Imagine being 90% better at something in the future than you are today. What would you pick first? Why is that so important to you? What would being better at that do for you?

If you were to get 1% better at something everyday, in three months you could have achieved 90% improvement.

Think back over the last 90 days. What are you now 90% better at than you were in September?
I don’t know what your improvement area is. You could download my Recruitment Consultant’s self-assessment MOT Where you improve doesn’t have to be about strengthening a weakness. You might already be great at something and want to achieve excellence. To achieve that improvement will require you to get down purposeful practice. Repetition is the mother of all skill. Create the drills and routines to help you get better. Practice, with purpose to make them permanent. To borrow the adage of a client I’ve worked with for a number of years: “feedback is the food of champions”. Review and feedback to yourself or get a mentor to help give the guidance and support to get there. Read (or listen to) books, attend training (and make sure you set some personal learning goals) and be receptive to coaching. We can accidentally get good at something, it can end up being a much longer journey.
I hope that in these thoughts and ideas there are things you feel you can do to implement that will help you make 2019 a great year. 

Original piece written by Jeremy Snell, more information can be found by visiting the following websites:
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