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Navartis spotlight: What it's like to be a senior recruitment consultant

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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Navartis are experts at matching the perfect candidates with their ideal employers, but in addition to the jobs we fill around the country there are also many roles within the recruitment business to be filled. Here, we take a spotlight to one of our own and show you what it’s like to work as a Senior Recruitment Consultant at Navartis.

The Role is not for Everyone

The recruitment industry is an extremely progressive one, built on KPIs and revenue targets; it takes a specific type of person to work as a consultant, someone who has the motivation and desire to succeed in an ever-changing profession and the ability to adapt and grow with the industry as a whole.

That’s exactly what we look for here at Navartis; we have some amazing staff including Kelly, a managing consultant who has been with us for 8 years, recruitment consultant Matt who’s spent 3 years with us and senior recruitment consultant Daz.

What does a Senior Recruitment Consultant do?

At Navartis, Senior Recruitment Consultants are responsible for acting as a liaison between candidates and clients, typically these members of the team are some of the most experienced and well trained but aren’t quite at the level to take the next step up to an account manager or team leader.

In addition to carrying out the responsibilities of a regular recruitment consultant, senior members of the team also carry the duty of acting as a guide and mentor to both new and existing members of the Navartis team.

Real Life Testimony

Daz, one of the Senior Recruitment Consultants responsible for the Power division at Navartis, has been with the company for 4 years now. In that time he has experienced highs and lows but remained dedicated to his position and continues to help build our reputation as one of the best recruitment agencies in the industry. Daz describes working in Recruitment as being, ‘a demanding, fee-earning role, where you simply have to perform and justify your place at your desk’, Navartis is constantly challenging its staff, pushing them to perform at the high levels we expect to hold ourselves to.

Having joined Navartis as a trainee, Daz worked his way through the graduate training program to the position of Recruitment Consultant before being promoted to a senior role within 2 years. As a senior member Daz’s recruitment role is two-fold as he explains, “I’m responsible for managing the daily activities of a busy team of professional recruiters, I act as a guide and mentor to both new and existing team members with the single objective of delivering a quality service”, while simultaneously, “My main objective is to source and supply contract/freelance in-demand white collar professionals who will ultimately add value to my clients’ project delivery capabilities.”

Taking this extra workload is challenging but gratifying for our senior recruitment consultants who gain the satisfaction from not only helping clients find their perfect employee but also the fulfilment of knowing the next wave of recruitment professionals are in good hands, learning from those already skilled and experienced having passed through the process once before.

Find out more!

If you’re interested in joining this demanding but rewarding profession Navartis is always looking for the next star member to join our recruitment teams and, just like Daz you could grow both personally and professionally in a short amount of time to become one of the senior members of our group. Visit our website to see the career opportunities currently available at: or give us a call now to discuss your future in recruitment on: 01302 556674.

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