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Navartis raise £637 for Doncaster Mind

Posted by: Neil Baker
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Following our successful Dragon Boat Race in July (and by "successful" we mean that the boat didn't sink!), we raised £637 for local charity Doncaster Mind.

Doncaster Mind is an independent local charity, providing high quality mental health services in Doncaster and its surrounding area. Mind help support individuals as they recover from mental health difficulties, and work to raise awareness and personal wellbeing.

This week we were visited by Pauline and Lorna from Mind so that we could present them with a cheque and hear about how the money from our fundraising efforts will be spent.

“At Doncaster Mind, we are currently piloting a new group called Millenials for 18-30 year olds. This group focusses on reducing social isolation, building friendships and increasing the confidence of young people to access activities in the community. So far we have held two successful and reached some people who have not previously used our services. The money raised by Navartis will be used to continue to run this programme for a further year and reach more young people in the community who are struggling with mental health.” - Pauline Thompson, Development Programme Coordinator.

You can learn more about Doncaster Mind's work and get involved on their website.

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