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Navartis global growth soars

Posted by: Neil Baker
Company News

Following an incredible first year for Sydney and a profitable opening quarter for Toronto, Navartis’ global growth is set to continue. Navartis’ business performance up to week 16 2019 has seen a year on year growth of 22.7%. UK operations generated 74.4% of Navartis’ net fee income (NFI), while International business accounted for 25.6% .

Navartis’ global growth is thanks largely to the European team, operating out of the UK Doncaster head office and the expansion of the Sydney team (which now sits at five). A fantastic first six months for Navartis Toronto saw them generate a profit from a standing start.

Navartis MD Jim Sloan said: “For more than a decade Navartis have supported the development of UK infrastructure. We continue to navigate the complexities around sourcing hard to find, technical professionals who bring value to the delivery of UK projects.

“We have made strides over the past five years to grow in the overseas markets in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Our International businesses continue to grow and we’re now an established global player in the infrastructure industries, with successful operations in Australia and Canada.

"We’re proud to be able to provide a global service across our industries. Our 22% year-on-year uplift is testament to the specialist service and business model Navartis provides.”

Navartis expect to see a continued upward trend and aim to see their global operations see an increase in market share over the coming years.

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