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Posted by: Katie Button
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The idea for this challenge came from a conversation a few colleagues had in the line to get something from the coffee van. Just as the nation were heading into lockdown 2, some Navartis employees were discussing the challenges of being couped up at home; both in terms of staying fit and keeping in a positive headspace. So led by Dan Hartley, this group of colleagues agreed to try to run 1000km collectively over the 4 weeks.

An inspired moment, led to turning the idea into something positive for charity. Given our head office base and the ongoing pandemic, Doncaster Foodbank was swiftly selected so we could give back to our local community. Working in the recruitment industry, we know just how hard this pandemic has hit the employment levels, contractors and small businesses and there are a lot of people out of work. With Christmas merely weeks away, nobody should have to worry where their families next meal is coming from; let alone in one of the worlds most developed countries, right on our doorstep. 

The goal was simple, 1000km to run, £1,000 to raise. Our team of runners have been incredibly focused and determined and as the challenge comes to a close, the distance ran was 1829.6km and we've raised £1350 with gift aid. We're very lucky that Navartis has kindly confirmed a £1k top up to funds raised, so we've raised £2350 for this fantastic charity in total.

We're delighted in how this challenge has progressed and we couldn't be happier that we can deliver this impressive sum of money, directly to the people who need the most help.

If you spare anything at all, as a business or as an individual, we would be most grateful, you can find our fundraising page here: 

A note from some of the runners:
"I’ve never been a great runner, I’ve started the couch to 10K multiple times and never managed to complete it. But setting ourselves a target tn lockdown 2 to raise money for Doncaster food bank, was all the encouragement I needed, and I completed a half marathon this weekend for my first time ever!"
Meike Tomlinson

"Doing the run challenge for Doncaster food bank has been a massive motivator for me. I've always enjoyed exercise but struggle to get motivated sometimes. The worthwhile cause, combined with all my colleagues pushing one another, it's been great for both my physical and mental health during these tough times and we've had a great laugh too!."
Hayley Coombs

"Drawing on my experience from the first lockdown, it’s clear that it's extremely important to keep motivated, active and happy as it can be a difficult time both physically and mentally for a lot of people, myself included. Having a challenge and a goal to reach over the past few weeks has been key to how I’m feeling day to day and the added competition of watching other people work to the same target and goal has really helped me stay motivated. This challenge has also kept the social side alive as we are talking as a team every day. Getting out and running everyday has kept me healthy both physically & mentally, not to mention we are raising money for a fantastic cause, the Doncaster food bank and helping other people along the way."
Max Pemberton

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