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Interview: Toronto Vice President Preston Pierce

Posted by: Neil Baker
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Preston joined Navartis at the beginning of September 2019 in the role of Vice President of our Canada office. His remit is to lead the Toronto team, capitalising on the success Navartis have already seen in the Canadian market.

Preston recently visited Navartis Head Office in the UK to learn more about our global business.

Tell us about your background & your experience.

I have a strong sales background and I’ve spent six years in the recruitment space. My focus has been on building and leading the construction functions in my previous roles and I’ve been exposed to both perm and contract styles of recruitment. 

A lot of my career has been spent building and leading teams so I plan to put that experience to good use now that we’re a team of three. 

[Toronto Business Manager] Chris has already built strong relationships with some of Ontario’s contractors, consultancies and construction firms. I’ll keep working on maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations and I’ll continue to develop both sides of the database. We’ll map out the market with a focus on quality over quantity.

What was it about Navartis that appealed to you? 

My initial communications with [Navartis MD] Jim and [UK Director] Justyn were really positive. I liked their personality and character and it was clear early on that we were on the same page. 

Navartis put an emphasis on quality and relationship building. They take a consultive approach to recruitment and they’re interested in educating candidates and organisations. We’re not talking about a company who just focuses on resourcing – Navartis deliver a high-quality consultation and recruitment service, which is what I’m interested in. 

You only have to look at the huge success the teams have had in the UK, Overseas and Australian markets to know that the business model is tried and tested. 

I was excited about the prospect of developing a relatively new team in Toronto. Chris’s experience means that the support is already there. Now, with the assistance of [Recruitment Consultant] Adriel, we can work together to build on Navartis’s success in the Canadian market.

What makes Navartis’s business model unique in the Canadian market?

The Canadian engineering and infrastructure sector is very different to where Navartis started in the UK. But Navartis have clearly been able to adapt to a new market and a different way of working. It’s testament to them that they’ve been able to take an existing business model and tailor it to a new market.

Navartis focuses on quality recruitment. It’s down to their desire to throw themselves in and learn both sides of the market to ensure mutually prosperous relationships for all parties. Not all recruitment businesses have that in-depth knowledge of the market. Navartis already stand out as industry leaders and our position is going to grow alongside the team.

How have you spent your time in the UK office this week?

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind but Jim and Justyn have given me a greater insight into Navartis and the vision for Toronto. I’ve spent a lot of time building the strategy for the next twelve months and beyond.

More than anything, I’ve been soaking up the culture at Navartis. When you walk into the office you can just feel the energy – there’s a really positive vibe. Very vibrant, very fast-paced, but buzzing with energy.

Everyone has made me feel welcome and the teams have invited me into their daily scrums where everyone discusses what roles their working on. I spent some great one-on-one time with the Business Managers, as well as some of the Senior, Principal and Managing Consultants. 

Back in Toronto, as a team of three it would be easy to get stuck in a bubble. Visiting the UK Head Office has given me the chance to experience the machine that we’ve got behind us in Canada. 

It’s been valuable for me to get an insight into the Navartis process. It’s one thing to be told how it works, but it’s something different to see it in action and understand why it works.

So thanks to everyone who’s made me feel so welcome!

What’s next for Navartis Toronto?

We’ll continue to grow the team and bring in more specialist recruitment consultants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

We’ll continue to focus on delivering quality service for our business partners. I’m confident that as a team we can build on our success and become a key leader in the Canadian market. 

The end-game is to be the go-to firm for professionals looking for quality recruitment consultancy. We’ll do this by building meaningful and deep relationships and maintaining a strong market knowledge.

At Navartis, we believe that people are the greatest asset to a company and I’m eager to work with Canadian businesses who feel the same and who share our values.

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