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Business Update June 2020

Posted by: Neil Baker
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Navartis have appointed Justyn Faulkner as the new Managing Director for their UK Head Office, following another successful year of global growth for the company in 2019.

Justyn was instrumental in the inception of Navartis more than 15 years ago and has helped steer the business ever since. After overseeing key operations in the UK for the past 14 years, Justyn has now been promoted to Managing Director (UK), effective June 2020.

Justyn had this to say:

“I am immensely proud to be given this opportunity as MD of Navartis UK. The journey from a two-man office start up back in 2006, to this milestone and the growth the company has achieved, has been a privilege to be part of. 

“We have a great platform, team and structure to continue our growth, whilst continuing to offer the quality of service that has always been the key core value of the company.

“Thank you for the opportunity Jim, I’ve learned loads from all the experiences over the last 16 years and I’m excited on where we can take the UK and Overseas operations.”

Justyn’s appointment will see current Managing Director Jim Sloan move to the role of Group CEO. 

With international business accounting for more than a quarter of Navartis’s net fee income, Jim will continue to carry overall responsibility for the group’s growth.

Jim Sloan said:

“Justyn’s input into Navartis cannot be understated and without this we would not have enjoyed the levels of growth that we have over the past decade. It’s been a privilege to see Justyn’s personal growth alongside that of Navartis. 

“After working together over the past 16 years and observing Justyn’s development first-hand from to Trainee to Director, he is a natural leader and therefore a natural choice to take over as Managing Director with the responsibility for all UK operations in which he will excel and continue in our success. In turn, his appointment will allow for my own focus to move to growing Navartis’s international footprint.”

John O’Sullivan, Chairman of Elite Leaders, has worked alongside Jim and Justyn for almost two years and had this to say:

“It’s extremely challenging to grow a recruitment company beyond local and national success – there’s almost a glass ceiling there. But Navartis are doing it. Navartis have positioned Justyn as the perfect Director to take responsibility for the UK operations, which is vital if Jim is going drive Navartis forward, break through that glass ceiling, and continue to grow the global brand.

“In my time working alongside Jim and Justyn, the trust between the two has been palpable. They complement one another very well and share the same vision of growth for Navartis. Justyn is undoubtedly the right person, being put into the right position at the right time. 

“I’m confident that Justyn will build on Navartis’s UK success as Managing Director, and I can’t wait to see Jim further grow the global Navartis brand. Watch this space!”

Navartis’s 2019 milestones included the grand opening of their second UK office, and the appointment of Toronto Vice President Preston Pierce.

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