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An interview with a Recruitment Consultant on his one year anniversary at Navartis Australia

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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“A highly valuable member of the team”

Recruitment Consultant Andy Hitchcock joined Navartis Australia one year ago and has since become an integral part of the team in Sydney. Following an education in broadcasting, Andy’s principal background was in retail and training; the transition into recruitment was a natural way for Andy to utilise his skills.

Andy clearly has what it takes to flourish in the world of recruitment. Paul Harris, Director of Navartis Australia commented: “If you could bottle his enthusiasm, drive and motivation, it would sell off the shelf in seconds. Andy has learnt a tremendous amount in the last 12 months and has provided exceptional service to a number of key clients.”

“What I do is improve people’s lives”

Andy recognises that his work is potentially life-changing for his candidates and he thrives off job satisfaction. “When you get a new job it’s almost like the best day of your life,” he explained. For Andy, the opportunity to play such a key role in the success of another person is the reason for his continued career in recruitment. “The feeling I get being able to directly improve people’s lives makes me so happy.”

“Never stop improving”

What does it take to be a great recruiter? With such an pivotal role in his candidates’ lives Andy feels it’s important to avoid becoming complacent. He is constantly striving to acquire more skills and believes that at the core of any good recruiter is the desire for self-improvement.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a year in, five years in, or ten years in – you can always be better and you can always improve every aspect of your job. The best recruiters are the ones that look at themselves and are never reluctant to get better.”

“The best organisation I’ve ever worked for”

Navartis gave Andy the opportunity to utilise his skills in teamwork and front-of-house communication in a fast-paced sales environment in which he could thrive. But why Navartis?

Andy highlighted Navartis’ strong focus on career progression and personal development. “I’ve never worked for an organisation that takes care of their staff the way Navartis do,” he explained. Andy also appreciates that he is part of the larger, global Navartis team; when visiting the UK office he was welcomed with open arms. “I feel close to the UK team and I’m 4,000 miles away!”

“One of the greatest cities in the world”

Located in the heart of the CBD and minutes from St James Station, the Navartis Sydney office on Elizabeth Street is steps from Hyde Park, the Supreme Court and Martin Place shopping precinct.

Andy has lived in Sydney his entire life and he’s in love with the city: “Sydney has got a fantastic climate, it’s got the harbour, it’s got beaches, it’s got great restaurants and bars.”

Navartis’ global reach has afforded Andy the opportunity to utilise and hone his recruitment skills against a beautiful backdrop. “Sydney is one of the greatest cities in the world. I’ve lived there my entire life and I’ve always called it home.”

Navartis Australia continue to focus on technical specialisms in the Rail & Metro, Civil and Power industries. If you’re looking to take your next step in recruitment or if you’re interested in joining a class-leading specialist recruitment consultancy, join Navartis today.

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