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A boom time for Australia's Infrastructure – a great time for Brits to relocate?

Posted by: Paul Harris
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Australia’s transport infrastructure industry is set to rise drastically over the next couple of years, and spending is expected to increase to $16 billion by 2020.

In 2013, transport infrastructure spending peaked at roughly $10.5 billion. Since then, spending dropped until the beginning of 2018, where it started to rise once again. Experts forecast that spending is set to continue rising until 2020.
Due to the mining boom and bust a few years ago, many of those contractors diversified their businesses to enter other areas of construction. However, now that mining has started to become lucrative again, some companies have been forced to make the decision to invest back into mining or continue developing their diversified businesses. Many of these companies have already seen much success in diverging their paths and following a different industry, so few are willing to revert their business models and are happy to capitalize on the infrastructure boom.

Upcoming employment opportunities in Australia

This means that in the coming years, job opportunities for Project Engineers, construction workers, Procurement Managers, Site Managers,  and other infrastructural roles will start opening up across the country. For anyone looking to relocate, there will be plenty of opportunities to seek employment thanks to the up and coming infrastructure boom.  See the full list of job opportunities in Australia

The Infrastructure Australia Board has determined a couple of high-priority projects that deal with the problem of urban congestion. For instance, the M80 ring road upgrade in Victoria aims to deal with traffic congestion, and the WestConnex underground motorway scheme that is currently in construction in New South Wales hopes to break up Sydney inner west road congestion. Both of these projects have a propose delivery timescale of 0-5 years, so these companies will likely have filled major positions already.

However, there are also several priority projects which have been proposed further down the line. For instance, the Inland Rail from Melbourne to Brisbane via inland NSW is planned for the next 10-15 years and hopes to deal with national connectivity issues. These are the types of projects that will offer job opportunities in the next decade for Civil Engineers and construction workers.
For something with a closer time frame, there are initiatives which pose potential infrastructure solutions. However, a business case hasn’t been completed or assessed, meaning they are still early in the planning stages. Issues like the Sydney rail network capacity are high priority initiatives that aim to address a major problem. Once assessed, it will open up many job opportunities for workers who are willing to relocate across the country.

Navartis are well-place to support you

Whether you’re a construction worker, a Civil Engineer, Site Manager or specialize in any other related role, the Australian infrastructure boom will present many unique job opportunities and Navartis are well-placed to support you, having already developed relationships with many of the key infrastructure operators.
"With most states across the country now either in construction or about to commence construction of large scale infrastructure projects, all organisations involved in this work will start to require additional personnel. Couple this with the increased spend in renewable energy projects which again use similar resources to infrastructure projects as well as the mining sector also starting to progress again, although not to the same levels from a few years back, this is starting to add increased pressures to the available candidate pools as you have multiple industries requiring similar resources, which were already difficult to find to begin with. That's why if you have ever thought about relocating to Australia, and have a profession in one of our vertical markets, now is the time to consider making that move."
Paul Harris 

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