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9 ways to stay motivated in recruitment

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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As a Recruiter your job is to source and place candidates who are at the top of their game. But it’s a high-pressure industry and it’s easy to measure your accomplishments purely on your billing success. You have deadlines to meet, and targets to hit, and every small loss can chip away at your confidence. And it takes more than a pep talk and a motivational video to pick you up when you’re down.

We've spoken before about how to remain happy at work, but how can you stay motivated in your recruitment career? Read on to find out.

1. It’s all about the planning

Without a good plan, procrastination can kick in and you can find yourself without any clear direction. Your career is important to you so it’s vital to plan: what do you want to achieve in the next week, month, quarter and year? It’s easy to feel too busy to plan for the future but an hour of planning time now could save you days further down the line.

So where to start? We’d recommend short, medium and long-term plans. Your short-term plan might lay out what you need to get done today or this week, while your medium and long-term plans will focus on your monthly, quarterly, and yearly output goals. 

A good plan will keep your motivation up by allowing you to start the day/week/month/quarter/year as you mean to go on. If you plan for each day the night before you’ll hit the ground running and be at your most productive. Something will always come along and blind-side you, but if you’ve planned then you’ll know how best to factor that something into your workload. The more you plan the better you’ll perform and the more motivated you’ll be to succeed.

2. Focus on the positives & ignore the naysayers

It’s important to surround yourself with positive people who like to focus on the wins instead of the losses. Their positivity (while maybe irritating at first) will eventually rub off on you. These are the working relationships which will impact your motivation the most - you’ll share in each other’s ups and downs and you’ll be there for one another when things get tough. 

3. Share your successes & your challenges

Every career has successes and failures and it’s important to share these with your colleagues. After all, they’re the only people who really know what you’re up against. Don’t begrudge your colleagues their successes - celebrate them. This will boost morale and be a source of motivation for the whole team.

At Navartis our recruiters bang a gong whenever they place a candidate into a permanent or freelance role, which triggers a round of applause from the office. We pride ourselves on recognising success and this is a great way to do it.

But don’t just focus on the highs. There’s something inaccessible about someone who only shares their successes and people always keep them at arm’s reach. It’s just as important to share your challenges and failures with your colleagues – you can be sure they’ve been there too, so they’re perfectly-placed to get you back on your feet.

4. Set yourself goals

Without goals to strive for what are you working towards? We’re not necessarily talking about the company or professional development goals (although they certainly help) – we recommend you set yourself personal goals to work towards.

Your goal might be to place three candidates this month. You can work towards that goal every day and while it might take all month to achieve, your rewards (more on those next) will be worth it. But if all you have are big, long-term goals then you’ll quickly lose your motivation as the days go by. So smaller, more short-term goals are vital to your motivation. What are your goals for today and this week? These will give you focus while you wait for the big-goal payoff and will keep your motivation up.

5. Reward yourself

Without rewards, goals can feel meaningless. Yes, your salary is rewarding, but we’d suggest giving yourself regular pats on the back. These can big or small – it’s up to you. Being able to say ‘well done’ to yourself and actually mean it is a powerful trait.

Be sure to commit - try to make a list and ensure you stick to it, then treat yourself when you reach the end. Maybe make Friday your rewards day by treating yourself to a lunch out rather than chewing through the fifth ham sandwich of the week.

Your rewards are yours to choose – how will you treat yourself if you find those three candidates their dream jobs? Will you buy new suit, a Friday night takeaway, a meal out? Whatever you choose, these personal rewards will keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

6. Don’t take it home with you

To some extent everyone takes their work home and recruiters often find themselves taking calls or replying to emails late at night, making it difficult to leave the office behind. Which is why it’s so important to build a busy life for yourself outside of work.

When Sunday rolls around are you already thinking about Monday morning? If so, try taking up a hobby to focus your mind elsewhere. By having activities, aspirations and goals in your social and personal lives you’ll find it easier to see work as a positive thing (as opposed to an all-consuming lifestyle) and you’ll be more motivated to succeed. A good work-life balance is the key to a happy life.

7. Acknowledge the difference you’re making

Some jobs are more rewarding than others. People who save kittens from trees must sleep soundly each night knowing they’ve made a positive impact on the feline world. As a recruiter your job is to place people into new jobs and it’s worth remembering that the everyday for you is life-changing for your candidates. 

Take the time to really think about the positive effect you’re having on people’s lives. Let this job satisfaction motivate you to keep doing what you’re doing.

Depending on your recruitment field, there may even be another layer to your job satisfaction. At Navartis, our recruiters place specialist professionals on national and global projects, making them responsible for new, exciting developments all around the globe.

8. Focus on the wins

As a recruiter it’s easy to view your career as a series of wins and losses. To some extent this is unavoidable, so we’d suggest focusing on the wins. By all means learn from the losses, but whenever you find you’re lacking motivation remind yourself of past successes and realise than another one is right around the corner.

You might want to keep a mental portfolio of your wins. This could simply be a list of successful candidates or an email folder with positive feedback. It’s always worth turning to your digital trophy cabinet when you’re in need of some motivation.

9. Be happy, but never satisfied

As a recruiter you’ll have your fair share of ups and downs. We feel it’s important to always be thirsty for the next win, which is why it’s ok if you never feel satisfied. Instead, enjoy the thrill of the hunt and focus on being happy while leaving yourself open to further improvement and greater successes down the line.

Navartis Training Manager Paul Eaton said: “At Navartis our recruiters work very hard and we appreciate every effort they make to drive our business forward. Everyone has different reasons for doing what they do so it’s key to understand your motivation both professionally and personally. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What drives you to try again and again even when things aren’t going to plan? At Navartis, once we understand your motivations, we factor them into your Learning and Development. Remember that motivations change over time and that’s ok. What got you out of bed a year ago will be different today which is why we encourage our recruiters to have both short and long-term goals.”


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