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7 reasons Sales is your most valuable career skill

Posted by: Rebecca Craighill
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It’s easy to write it off as a something reserved for used car showrooms and travel agents, but the reality is that Sales is perhaps the most valuable skill you can have on your CV. Which is why we’re breaking down 7 reasons you need to add Sales to your career arsenal.

1. You can market yourself

If your career is a Hollywood blockbuster then your CV is your audition. With dozens of CVs floating about for every job, it’s vital to make sure yours stands out above the rest. By perfecting the art of sales you’ll be well-placed to market yourself for that dream job, from CV submission, to interviews, to networking. 

Salespeople make it their business to know their product inside and out and to find new ways to sell that product to a potential customer. Your product is you, and sales will equip you with the skills needed to convince all those potential employers that they should take you on.

2. Your communication skills are top-notch

Everyone can hold a conversation, but have you perfected the art of communication? Think back to your last chat – were you really paying attention and making mental notes about what the other person was saying? Or were you just waiting for your next opportunity to talk?

Salespeople must find a way to talk with those who oftentimes don’t even want to utter two words. Our Navartis recruitment consultants are experts at getting the most out of every conversation. They show that they’re great at what they do and absorb all the key information needed to match the perfect candidate with the right company. They do this by being expert communicators, from the initial “How are you today?” to the final “It’s been great talking to you!” you’ll never find a better set of communicators.

3. You’re a motivated self-starter

Salespeople realise that things don’t come easy and in order to get what you want you have to go out and get it. No-one is going to hand you your dream job, your promotion or your own start-up company. For that you’ll have to put in the hard work to make your dreams a reality. 

Salespeople are expert self-motivators and they have what it takes to go out and fight for what they want.

4. You’re confident

If you manage to perfect the art of sales then you’ll find a way to be successful with it. That might be a career in recruitment where you excel in finding people their dream jobs, or it might be convincing people to donate to a worthy charitable cause.

However you utilise it, the ability to sell with give you confidence, which is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. If you go into a situation knowing that you have what it takes to succeed then everything from your body language, your speech and your mindset will help you carry it off. After all – confidence is key!

5. You’re a social butterfly

One thing leads to another – a sales expert becomes a communication wizard, which gives them confidence. A good salesperson will be the most sociable person you’ll meet because when you spend your days talking and selling to hundreds of people, you have no choice but to become a social butterfly. 

No-one is the same, so a good salesperson will tailor their communication style to suit the person they’re talking to. The result is someone who is comfortable with everything from small-talk to discussing the big issues.

6. You’re tough & resilient

Sales isn’t easy. If it were then we’d all be buying the latest £1,000 iPhone on day one. For every successful sale there are potentially dozens which fell through. At Navartis our recruiters know that to be successful you have to fail. But a few unsuccessful phone calls don’t matter – the ability to pick yourself up and try again is what makes a difference.

Like everyone, salespeople can be guilty of feeling defeated when things aren’t working. But they’re also masters of resilience and they have no choice but to maintain a positive attitude and keep trying until it all works out. If at first you don’t succeed……

7. You have a transferable skill

You’ve probably realised by now that sales is a very transferable skill. You probably use it in your job every day without even realising it. Recruitment, marketing, customer service, fundraising, PR, teaching – these are all careers which thrive on the ability to sell.

By perfecting the art of sales, you’ll be better placed to apply it into your daily work and personal life. 


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