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5 ways to supercharge your job search

Posted by: Nicola Batty
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When applying for a job is easy as pressing a couple of buttons, a lot of people are open to new opportunities at the drop of a hat. But some are more active than others when it comes to the job hunt. Whether you’re fresh out of university and trying to get on the ladder, itching to switch careers, or simply wanting to get away from your current job, we’ve broken down 5 ways you can proactively supercharge your job search.

1. Don’t rely on job sites

Websites such as Indeed, Total Jobs and Monster are all great starting points when starting the job hunt. They house a wealth of opportunities and are updated with thousands of new jobs every day. But for companies they cost money, so what you see on jobs sites is far from all the opportunities available for you.

If you want to expand your reach, track down companies you’d like to work for or the top players in your industry. Visit their websites and LinkedIn pages to see what career options are available to you.

2. Tailor your CV & covering letter

There’s nothing worse for a hiring manager than to receive a stock “fit for all” CV and covering letter. A lot of the key info (your experience, skills etc) will always apply, but it’s worth taking an extra half hour to tailor your application to the job in question.

This is particularly relevant to the covering letter. Rather than simply stating that your CV is attached, instead highlight your suitability for the role based on the job spec. Mention the company by name and they’ll know they’re not just one of a hundred companies you’ve applied to.

3. Grow your skills

On the subject of CVs, remember that your skills never stop developing. If you haven’t updated your CV in over a year, then it probably no longer represents your best self. Did you say you were competent at sales? If so, now a year later you’re probably proficient.

If you feel like your skills haven’t grown over the past year, then now is the time to branch out. Every job requires learning and development. If you can prove to a hiring manager that you take your own professional growth seriously (as demonstrated by your desire to acquire new skills) then you’ll be more likely to impress.

4. Pick up the phone

Growing companies always have new opportunities available. These are usually advertised as jobs, but businesses are experts in identifying a potential asset to the team. While they may not have planned for a new starter, if you can go to them with invaluable experience or skills, they might just find the budget for you.

This is why it’s key to enquire. We’re not talking about firing off a dozen speculative emails every day to Instead, take the time to find out who is responsible for internal recruitment and contact them directly. Ask if there are any opportunities available now or in the near future. If not, ask if you can send over your CV for consideration further down the line. There’s nothing wrong with being proactive.

5. Turn to recruiters

Recruitment consultancies run by placing key professionals into their dream roles. Because of this, they have an inside insight into the job application process. Some companies only work through their trusted recruitment partners, so this might even be the only way of nabbing the role you want.

Do some research around your industry and make a list of the recruitment agencies which specialise in that area. Make contact with them and discuss what you’re looking for. Let recruiters do their jobs and find you your next role.


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