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5 essential interview research tips

Posted by: Rebecca Craighill
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We’ve talked previously about what to ask in an interview and how to tackle those tricky interview questions. But before you get to that, you need to make sure you go into your interview armed with an arsenal of information and research. But where do you start? Read on to find out. 

1. Company Website

As a bare minimum you should delve into the company’s website for a one-stop shop on who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Their ‘About Us’ page is where their marketing hats will have gone to work to paint them in the best light and make them appealing to their customer base and potential employees. If the company has a blog section, familiarise yourself with the latest goings-on in their company and business news.

If you can track down the 'Meet the Team' page then you’ll get an insight into the company culture. You can even look for your potential interviewer and get a good idea of what their role is in the company. 

2. Understand the industry & competition

The company website will give you a good overview of the industry it inhabits but will understandably be a sales pitch to some degree. For a better overview of the industry you’ll need to do your own online research. People can easily find out from the Navartis website that we’re a recruitment consultancy. But it’s worth diving further into the industry so you have a strong understanding of what recruitment is all about. For example, do you know the difference between 360 and 180 recruitment?

Try to find the company’s competitors and see what they’re doing. This will give you a more rounded idea of the industry in general and will also arm you with some vital knowledge which shows the interviewer that you’ve done your research.

3. Social Media 

If a website tells you about how a company operates, then their social media accounts will tell you about their culture. Facebook should be your first port of call. Here you’ll get a better idea of the people who work for a business and how engaged they are with their employer.

Social media is often used by companies to recruit new employees so will always make an effort to show what type of people they want and to establish how they treat their staff. It’s almost like peaking behind the curtain to see what goes on behind closed doors. Yes, it’s monitored, but it’s a space for the less professional side of things. Also worth checking out are Instagram and Twitter.

4. LinkedIn 

While social media shows a company’s culture, LinkedIn is where they present their “Business Face”. The company is likely followed by their business partners, clients, candidates etc. Here, a company must present a public face which is both warm and professional. 

Most importantly, the LinkedIn account will show you how a company expects you to act on a professional basis, rather than the more laid back, culture-based persona you’d see on social media.

5. News

Google is your friend when it comes to news. If you google “Navartis” you’ll get to see where we are, what we look like, our opening times, and reviews from our candidates and clients. You’ll also see links to our industry and company news as well as our internal blog posts and celebrations.

If you tap the “News” tab on google, you’ll see whether a company has popped up in any local news stories or websites. Be sure to verify sources, but if the company has done anything particularly strong or damaging you’ll probably find it here.

The above research tips are designed to arm you with valuable information which will give you a one-up before heading into an interview. No-one is expecting you to know a company inside and out but when asked “What do you know about us and what we do?” it’s always great to be comfortable talking about the company and its industry.


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